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Return URL for order confirmation in paypal


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Hello when customers pay with the paypal the order goes through fine and then the customer reaches a page that says return to merchant which the customers has to click to be sent back to the order confirmation page on prestashop. This is fine but it does cause one problem.


I find that the customer does not select to return to website by clicking return to merchant.


I want to set the automatic return url in paypal so that it automatically returns the customer to the order confirmation page on prestashop.


Does anyone no what url I need need to insert into paypal to redirect the customer automatically to order confirmation page on my website after they pay with paypal.


I tried https://www.mywebsite.co.uk/index.php?controller=order-confirmation


I thought this had worked but it seems to transfer the customer page to a page where you select to pay with paypal again on my website and not the order confirmation page.


I need to make sure they direct to order confirmation so google analytics's tracks conversions.


Any help much appreciated.




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