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<SOLVED> - Images Not Uploading

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I have a store I am building, to sell my photography.

I go in and add a product, indicate that yes, it is downloadable

Then, I enter the # downloads, price, description.... then, click on Images tab, brose for the File name (for the image that will be viewed when someone clicks on a product).

Sometimes the picture saves, other times it does not. And, if it does NOT save the image, I get a ? question mark indicating there is no photo.

I try deleting the product and re-adding, but get errors, and no matter what, I cannot get that image to appear.

Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Problem is, when it does NOT work, there's no fixing it. And, I get an error when I try to delete.


THank you!

** Update **

Seemed to be a permissions problem and also file sizes. I had my host change permissions, which helped. Also, I made the photos a little smaller in size. No more problems. Interestingly, the photos I uploaded were not even half the max size allowed. I was well under. Still, making them smaller helped and I don't have the problem any longer.

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