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  1. I'm adding hundreds of products in a category. I've got it set to show 300 of the images per page. Now that I have surpassed that 300, I need to go to page 2 and it will not not not allow me to go to page 2. I click on the arrow to the right to go to page 2, but then I am sent "back" a couple of menus to the category view. I'm pulling my hair out over this. What is going on? How do I get to page 2?
  2. you've lost me.... how? via control panel and mysql? or is there something else? thanks!
  3. Is there a way to upload many items at one time to my photography store? I have hundreds of images to add to my store. They are downloadable. The customers order downloadable images, pay for them, and that's it. They don't order an actual product - just a downloadable image. I have hundreds of photos I need to add in a particular category. Right now I am doing them one at a time, which is taking forever. Is there a quicker way to get them in there?
  4. Hi Rocky, How about a quick way to sort these in the BACK end by product name without having to use the tally up/down buttons? I have several photos that are numbered. Do I need to move these around by the onesies? or is there a quick button to sort? I tried clicking on the button at the top to sort, but nothing changes. Thanks! J
  5. Well, this is just lovely. I have a load of orders in my store that are not processing correctly and my customers are getting annoyed. I have downloadable images for sale in my store. Most are for $1.99 and some are on sale for 25% off, making them $1.49. There are error messages all over in the store saying the customer either over paid or under paid. There is no sales tax on these particular orders - it's just the initial cost of the photo. I don't understand what's going on and I don't know how to fix it. I have a load of errors in the store and have no idea how to fix them. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I haven't received a reply. Incidentally, I don't use the tax field - just the price of the products. It is really strange how that happened. Hopefully someone can tell us why this happened!
  7. This was due to a permissions error. I contacted our host, and they changed permissions.
  8. Fortunately, I learned early on about dating the photos - so it will be easy to locate them on the server when I want to remove them after deleting the categories. Thank you!
  9. I guess I am not totally understanding..... I have a folder on my computer of images I want to sell, so I go into Prestashop BO, create a category for this particular event I took photos at. Then, I add product, and click "yes, it's downloadable." I browse to attach the photo to the product, etc. save, etc... In a couple of months I want to remove that entire category (a sporting event) to make room for new photos. So, if I delete that particular category from my store, aren't the images (the photos I have to sell), still sitting somewhere on my server? thanks again for trying to explain this to me.
  10. Good morning, thanks for the response. So in answer to my question, when I delete products (which are actually images - it's a photography store), I need to go on the server and delete the images as well? Seems when I looked at the photos on my server, they have different names. This will be fun to find/delete the correct ones!
  11. My products are downloadable images, so when I add a product, I'm uploading images (to the server) that are for sale. When I delete products (images) from my store, will this also delete the photos from the SERVER? Or do I need to do some house keeping and delete the no-longer available photos from my server, as well?
  12. Just opened my on line store yesterday and had my first customer. She ordered several 'downloadable' images from my store then paid with paypal. Her total order was $13.93 but somehow was only charged $13.92 so it left her order in a "Payment Error" status. I figured out how to "accept payment" and her order is OK now, but the question remains. Why did her order process for a penny less? Could she have changed the amount? i thought when you click to pay, the amount due is automatically processed?
  13. I've been posting for help on this and not receiving any responses. Glad to have found this thread. I have photography I'm selling. I'll add the product, then click on "images" tab, I enter the caption (which is the same as the file name), then browse for the file. Then I hit save. SOMETIMES I will get the green "Successfully Added" screen, and I can move on to the next item. If, however, it goes back to the root catalog page, the item is added but the image is not. So... I open the image in photoshop, resize it, save it with a different name. Then I go in to the product, edit, delete the image I had already specified (which also failed to view), then add the new image with the new name, and it works. There must be a solution to this. It takes 2-3 minutes to add each individual photo as it is. And to have to go back and repeat steps because it's not working the first time around is ridiculous. I know that no one here owes us an explanation - and this is a free CMS and they are volunteers - but I can't understand why we aren't getting answers to this. I'm grateful for PrestaShop - it's so simple to use - so I'm really hoping for a solution here.
  14. Is this a bug? I'm not finding any answers on this. Adding new product, then clicking on "Images" tab to attach the same image as the product itself. Click "Save," then it goes back to the root of the catalog, and doesn't save the image. I then have to open my image in photoshop, rename, edit my product, click on images tab, and upload the new image. What's going on here? Why won't it save the image? anyone?
  15. This continues to happen and I'm not sure what is going on. I can be adding products to my categories, then sign out, then go to the store to check it out. The categories won't be there. I log back in (back end) to see what's going on, and there are no categories. Sometimes I have to wait 15 or so minutes then they'll show up again. Other times like right now, I'm waiting and waiting, and I can't figure out why my categories are not showing up, back end or front. I did NOT delete them.... Edited: Sometimes I get a message that says "Link to database cannot be established." Now the categories are showing up but I'm getting the "Link to database" error message. And if I wait long enough, it will work again. What is going on here?
  16. I have a store I am building, to sell my photography. I go in and add a product, indicate that yes, it is downloadable Then, I enter the # downloads, price, description.... then, click on Images tab, brose for the File name (for the image that will be viewed when someone clicks on a product). Sometimes the picture saves, other times it does not. And, if it does NOT save the image, I get a ? question mark indicating there is no photo. I try deleting the product and re-adding, but get errors, and no matter what, I cannot get that image to appear. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Problem is, when it does NOT work, there's no fixing it. And, I get an error when I try to delete. PLEASE LOOK AT THIS FOR ME!! THank you! ** Update ** Seemed to be a permissions problem and also file sizes. I had my host change permissions, which helped. Also, I made the photos a little smaller in size. No more problems. Interestingly, the photos I uploaded were not even half the max size allowed. I was well under. Still, making them smaller helped and I don't have the problem any longer.
  17. This is driving me CRAZY! I have just set up a store to sell my photography, I've created the categories and now I'm uploading individual photos. When I click "add product," the first thing I do is click the "downloadable product" box, browse for my photo, and upload. Then I copy the product description and place it in the Description field. I input the price, etc.... then click on the "Image" tab, and select the same photo to be used for the image. I save it, all seems OK, but when I go back to the store to check, the image location has ? in it instead of the photo. The first two photos are uploaded but for some reason i can't get another photo to upload. This is driving me nuts! I have been working for FOUR HOURS to upload a single image! What on earth am I doing wrong? One other thing - as soon as I hit "Save," the menu goes back to the beginning - and to add another product I have to go through the entire step by step again - catalogs, then through all my categories to get to the right one. Why won't it just stay in that category where I am working? thanks in advance for any help. UPDATE: Permissions problem (had the host change permissions), and also made my images a little smaller, which helped. I was WELL under the max. allowed image size, so this doesn't make sense, but - permissions and smaller file sizes resolved the problem.
  18. I've activated this block on my store, and am testing it to see how it works. When I visit my store (not logged in), there is nothing that appears to allow me to sign in and view my account. In order for me to see my account, I have to click on the Cart or Check Out button, then I see a place to either create my account or login to an existing. Once I login, I see "My Account." Is there some way I can create a login button for returning guests to click on, so they can login without having to go through the cart first?
  19. Count me in among the lost on this one. I generated a sample voucher to my test account and then deleted it (via the payments/voucher tab). I thought a voucher or credit slip was a way of giving a customer a courtesy gift with a specified dollar value. Apparently I'm not doing this correctly.... and - on another subject - delete my customer messages that I sampled with. *shrugs* - don't know how to do that either but still looking. I see my list of messages but no place to delete them?
  20. I installed the plug-in by clicking "add new module" from the back end. Entered the link to the zip file, and got the successful message that it was uploaded. now what? I don't see it in the module list anywhere.... Newbie here. Sorry if this is a dumb Q.
  21. oh my gosh. Smack in front of me. Thank you! Will check out your webstore! :-) Rocky, one other note; my store will basically be for my photography. I have hundreds of photos and am currently adding each one individually, giving each it's own name (just using the file name), description, etc... What a job. Is there a quicker way when dealing with hundreds of images?
  22. hello, I'm a newbie to PrestaShop. What an excellent product! Thank you for developing it! I'm configuring my store and so far, so good. Just testing it out and placing a sample "order" to see how it goes. When I click on "check out" to make my 'purchase,' it's asking me to create an account. The default country code is France, and I'd like to change that to the US.... I'm having an awful time finding the place to modify this form. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you!
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