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Multipe Tax Rates Under 1 Rule


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We are using Prestashop 1.6.9 and I are looking to have different tax rates (United States) based on the county/zip code of the shipping address.  Under Taxes I created Palm Beach County and assigned the 6.0% sales tax.  I then went in under tax rules and added the zip code range of 33401-33422 to that County by selecting united states/florida/palm beach county


I need to add more zip codes to that same county and clicking on add new tax rule tells me one already exists for that country/state with tax only behavior.  How can I add more zip codes to the Palm Beach County section without creating a new one (Palm Beach County 2) and assign a zip code there?


Once a tax rule has been added, I see the first one at the bottom and the bulk actions drop down has a select all/deselct all option, well if I can select more then one how can I add more then one rule to this list?


Thank You

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We also have a need to enter multiple zip codes under one state for one tax rule since products can only be assigned one tax rule. This functionality was found in the previous version of Prestashop 1.47 and it worked perfectly.


The tax calculation change found in Prestashop 1.6.14 is an over simplification and is not of practical use since there is usually more than one tax rate in any state. Now, the tax calculation works in reverse. It assumes one tax rate per state and then the tax rule simple uses one  zip code range to restrict the tax rate to that zip code range. But additional zip code ranges are needed to define that restriction.


It seems this should be an easy fix, since this functionality was found in earlier versions of Prestashop.


Please advise. Thanks.

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Has anyone found a fix for this?  Is there something I'm missing regarding input of zip codes for a single county without creating, as stated above, 'county sales tax 1, county sales tax 2, etc., etc.?"  Maybe putting a semicolon between ranges or something such as:  xxxxx-xxxxx; xxxxx; xxxxx-xxxxx?

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