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Changing width of homepage for v1.6 (default theme)

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I upgraded the Prestashop version from to 1.6 (website link: http://dirtrades.com )post-711737-0-92315300-1413665859_thumb.png. It's really cool but the biggest thing that I disliked the latest version is too much spacing between the page contents and the screen. In short, I hate the default width of the homepage. It really looks odd when the contents of homepage are crushed in a small area and you get a white blank field on the either sides. I’ve marked the area which I want to hide/remove with red arrow. Please let me know how I can make my contents fit on the browser so that no blank space is left out. Technically, I guess only increasing width of the page can solve the problem. I’m sorry I couldn’t find an alternative. I read on the forum that editing global.css file from themes will help but I’m unable to locate the line which needs to be edited. I mean I’m not a technical guy so I’m unable to figure out the correct line out of infinite many coded lines written on the page.


Please, anyone out here who can help me in increasing the width of the page or hiding the blank area in any possible way? Also, one folded hand request. If anyone’s having additional idea about adding contents in “Customer reassurance block” module with images? The blank space left in the default reassurance tab looks really odd and I’m very much conscious about the looks of my website.

Thanks in advance. J

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