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  1. Let me be very-very honest with my feedback and ill-experience about Prestashop. Presta is the buggiest shopping cart I’ve ever used! None of its version is free from bugs. I know I shouldn’t complain when I’m getting something for free, but C'mon! When millions of shopping carts are dependent on you, you can’t afford to release products full of bugs. And for an amateur like me, these errors becomes the wildest nightmares and make to put extra effort every single time. Here are a couple of the incidents that has really pissed me off: I started my store with Presta v1.5.6 everything went well for 3-4 months when suddenly I started getting “Undefined” error messages whenever I tried to upload any image for the product. I read for all possible solution for this on the forum but none of them were any help. I finally had to shut down my store because no one would like to buy any product without having an image to describe its physicality. Thereby, I tried updating the Presta version using the lousy “1-Click Update” module which made additional mess inside the store. It gave an error message while backing up the Database. So finally I had no option than a fresh install. I had to let go my store with all the products, categories, etc. because I’m a bit amateur and I don’t have the right idea to backup and restore the file. Moreover Prestashop doesn’t provide any facility to do so. They provide a module to help with this but that too comes for a price. I did a fresh install of v1.6 thinking that it would solve all the problem. One-click install was done by Softaculus and I took a sigh of relief. v1.6 looked very cool to me but again, like I said no version of Prestashop is free from bugs. I’m again facing problem when after 2-3 logins suddenly the sub-categories in the dashboard disappeared. From Sub-categories I mean like if you bring your cursor to Modules tab, a hover appears showing the sub-categories like Modules, Payments etc. For Catalog, you get sub-categories as Products, Categories, etc. So in none of the tabs I’m getting any option. I’m left with main options only. Now, for instance, if I want to add any language or currency, I won’t be able to do so. Moreover, I won’t be able to add themes, etc. I’m just getting main options and I’ve to get most out of them. I really don’t have any idea how it suddenly disappeared. It worked fine 1-2 times but now it has gone to black hole. Anyone’s having any idea how did it happen and how it can be solved? I’ve already added few products and now I don’t want to remove the installation and do a fresh install. I’m adding few pic so prove my point and give you a better idea. PS: I’m sorry I had to take images from camera because Alt+Print Screen doesn’t work in my laptop and I had to keep the cursor on options.
  2. Hello, I upgraded the Prestashop version from to 1.6 (website link: http://dirtrades.com ). It's really cool but the biggest thing that I disliked the latest version is too much spacing between the page contents and the screen. In short, I hate the default width of the homepage. It really looks odd when the contents of homepage are crushed in a small area and you get a white blank field on the either sides. I’ve marked the area which I want to hide/remove with red arrow. Please let me know how I can make my contents fit on the browser so that no blank space is left out. Technically, I guess only increasing width of the page can solve the problem. I’m sorry I couldn’t find an alternative. I read on the forum that editing global.css file from themes will help but I’m unable to locate the line which needs to be edited. I mean I’m not a technical guy so I’m unable to figure out the correct line out of infinite many coded lines written on the page. Please, anyone out here who can help me in increasing the width of the page or hiding the blank area in any possible way? Also, one folded hand request. If anyone’s having additional idea about adding contents in “Customer reassurance block” module with images? The blank space left in the default reassurance tab looks really odd and I’m very much conscious about the looks of my website. Thanks in advance. J
  3. Hi There, I tried upgrading from prestashop v1.5.6.0 to v1.6 using 1-Click auto upgrade module, but after upgrade I got 505 error message when I tried accessing the homepage, while the administration panel worked fine. I read in one of the topics on the forum that choosing a theme will solve the issue. I did the same without any luck. It screwed my website even more. Now I'm getting this error message when I hit the URL of my website's homepage. Not Found The requested URL /en/ was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2.2.27 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.27 OpenSSL/1.0.1e-fips mod_bwlimited/1.4 Server at dirtrades.com Port 80 I panicked and used the “Rollover” feature of the same module in a hope to bring my site back to life but that too didn’t help. Even after successful downgrade and activating the store once again from Preferences > Maintainace > Enable Shop and then choosing the default theme from Preferences > Themes > Default theme, nothing seems to be working out. I’m still getting the same problem. The web-page shows fatal error message while the admin panel is easily accessible. Here is the link of my website: http://dirtrades.com Please, please, please help me out. I don’t want to do a fresh install because it’ll be a lot of pain in the ass to do everything from scratch. I’m not a Pro. Just a student who has minimal knowledge of coding and average knowledge of Prestashop. Please help me. I’ll buy you a coffee!
  4. Hi There! I'm running a website http://dirtrades.com and installed the Prestashop script via Softaculous. At the time of installation, I wasn't very much conscious about the shop URL so I didn't add 'www'. Now since I want to use Google Pagespeed service for my website, I require a 'www' version of the same because Google PSS currently supports websites with www URL only. I tried modifying the shop address in SEO & URLs>Shop domain but it was of no use. Instead of helping me out, It vanished my website. After the modification when I tried to access the site, it gave me a 404 error page. So ultimately, I was forced to use to the same naked domain http://dirtrades.com. So could you please help me out to shift the shop url to www.dirtrades.com from naked domain http://dirtrades.com It would be great help if any soul here can guide me how to do this. If I'm not wrong, I need to make some changes in the hosting panel. I'm sorry I was out of my mind while mentioning that the hosting panel is cPanel. Will making changes somewhere in either hosting panel or admin panel of shop will solve the problem or do I need to re-install the whole thing making a back-up data? Please, help me!
  5. You rock big fella! The slider is working finer is working fine and is no longer showing tailored images...Just 3 clear images at a time. I really owe you for your support. Thanks!
  6. But how should I add the page that'll ask for it? I want the page to appear just before where users are asked to select the shipping carrier at checkout. Also, Gift wrapping word wouldn't suit the kind of packaging I'm offering.
  7. You're right, that also looks odd. I edited the width of manufacturer type image to 120 but still no good output. Do I need to edit the style.css file?
  8. Hi! I know this may sound crazy but I want to add a page before the checkout page where users are asked to select the type of shipping they want. Actually, I'll ship my items internationally and based on my past experiences, the item that I'd shipped in the packaging bags that had my LOGO took more time to get delivered than the items that were shipped in a plain carrier poly bag. The genuine reason is, if customs notice by the LOGO on the bag that you're shopping internationally, then they may put your item on hold for a longer time for inspection purpose. If you ship an item in a bare poly carrier bag then it clears the customs more faster because they just check the articles and if you clear the item as gift, then they show no interest in your product and it clears the customs the very day. Now that being said, I'm going to start a fresh website that hosts herbal products. I want the buyers to choose the type of packaging they want. I know it may sound crazy but I can't risk the website's impression as some people really care about the service and packaging. I've both type of packaging bags. So I want my customers to choose what kind of packaging they want. I won't charge them extra but this additional page will show a warning that if they choose the printed LOGO bag then it may take longer for the item to clear the customs. This can be done by a pop-up also but I'm aware of the fact that many browsers are loaded with 'Pop-up blocker' extensions. I don't want that the customer should bear a bad impression about the service of my site, on his mind. I can pack the item in any of the bags but it's all the delivery time. As stated above, just a printed bag can delay the customs clearance time. So the people who're more concerned about the packaging can ask for a printed bag and those who're restless, doesn't care about the layout and for whom time is money can ask for a plain packaging. The only thing I'm stuck with is, I don't know how to do this. I don't have any knowledge of PHP but I still want to provide this option to my buyers. Hope for a help. Thanks in advance!
  9. You're genius, mate! Everything is working smoothly. Thanks a tonne!
  10. Voila! It worked out, mate. I really owe you for this. I was making it complex by editing maufacturerslider.tpl in modules directory Now everything seems to be working fine except the slider. The images doesn't slide of their own like they do in your website. Is your slider a different one? I don't know if my slider should slide or LOGOs will be just fixed on their position.
  11. Yep, I've edited the right file. I guess you asked me to edit manufacturerslider.tpl file and here is the screenshot of the code panel: I'm unable to figure out what's the exact problem. I've done every possible thing, but still there are no signs of the result I want. PS: You manufacturer slider really looks cool. That's exactly I want from my slider to look like.
  12. Thanks to both of you for suggestion. I followed everything. Manufacturer type enabled: Check Regenerating thumbnails: Check Force compiling and turning off cache: Check But still I couldn't see any noticeable effect. It seems that the module is haughty which's refusing the request of the codes to increase the dimensions of the images in the slider I guess at last I won't have any other option than removing the module :-( But the only reason I'm struggling for it is, it looks really nice!
  13. I made the change in 'manufacturerslider.tpl' file. This file is inside the attachment of my above post. I edited it as per your instruction but you're certainly right that it's still using the small_default image type. I don't know what's the issue.
  14. Tried again by increasing the pixels to 150x110 and I believe its bigger than medium_default image type, but still I couldn't see any effect. I don't have to knowledge to edit .css URL of my shop is http://www.bigveda.com
  15. Thanks for the help but I'm sorry to say that it didn't work. Here is the code I modified as guided by you: and here is the new Image type I made: And here the result...Nothing's changed. Images a still hard to see. Please suggest me something.
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