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I have a potential client with two physical stores in two different cities. The business is floristry, which just means that although their orders can come from anywhere in the world, they only ship out out their flowers to a very localised area.


We're thinking of proposing Prestashop to them, but we're unsure of the best way to do this considering they have two physical shops so far away. They only want the one website, and they want the order notification email to be sent to the physical store appropriate.


So if an order comes in for a bouqet to be sent somewhere in Queenstown, the Queenstown physical store gets the email, and vice versa for the other store in the other city.


What would be the best way of doing this?


If multistore, we'd need a failproof way of ensuring the user knows which store they are using. The two stores have exactly the same products.


Or is there a way to set this up in shipping without needing to use the multistore route?

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