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  1. Sorry to bump this thread, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions.
  2. Hiya! I have a potential client with two physical stores in two different cities. The business is floristry, which just means that although their orders can come from anywhere in the world, they only ship out out their flowers to a very localised area. We're thinking of proposing Prestashop to them, but we're unsure of the best way to do this considering they have two physical shops so far away. They only want the one website, and they want the order notification email to be sent to the physical store appropriate. So if an order comes in for a bouqet to be sent somewhere in Queenstown, the Queenstown physical store gets the email, and vice versa for the other store in the other city. What would be the best way of doing this? If multistore, we'd need a failproof way of ensuring the user knows which store they are using. The two stores have exactly the same products. Or is there a way to set this up in shipping without needing to use the multistore route?
  3. Hi there! I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a module that will display a few items from one specific category on either the product page, or the checkout page. My client is a florist and she wants to show products from a "Gift" category on the cart page or product page - small addons that don't cost much to add to the cart, similar to how you'd have candies and smaller knick-knacks nearer the counter in a brick & mortar shop. Impuse buying stuff. All the modules I've seen so far show products from the same category, etc. I want to be able to set one specific category that will show every time. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've had it happen once more with a different client.
  5. Thanks Steve, no solution yet. I agree - what's most annoying about this is that it's difficult to test, since it seems to happen so randomly and rarely. I've tried a couple of different fixes over the last few months and thought the issue solves, only to have it happen again.
  6. Hi there! Hoping someone can help me out. My client has a Prestashop site and every now and again (maybe once every 3-4 months or so) she gets a customer emailing her asking about their order, which she has no record of, but a look at her bank account tells her that the customer has paid and it matches a shopping cart record which says "No order created from this cart". The payment module is a custom DPS module. I've asked the third-party developer who created it if this could be caused by the module, but he tells me that Prestashop creates the order first before the customer is taken to the off-site DPS secure payment page. Mail Alerts model is active and alerts the client of new orders, but not when this happens. The customer buying from the site also does not appear to receive confirmation emails. My client is running Prestashop v1.4.8.2 (I know it's outdated but there's no time to update at the moment) Can anyone point me in the right direction for a fix?
  7. Hi there - I'm looking into Prestashop to see if it will suit for a client's needs. The client intends to sell to it's client companies - about 4 of these to start off with. The products are branded company shirts, jackets, vests, fleeces, pants, etc. Prices will depend on quantity and logos, so final prices can not be given on the website itself. Basically, the client wants all prices to show POA, including the shipping price. Is there any way I can do this quite easily with Prestashop?
  8. Hi there! Hoping someone can point me in the right direction or has some advice.. I'll try to explain what we're after the best I can. Our client is selling leisure apparel here in NZ to international customers. Alongside the clothing, there are also a small range of DVDs available. In the event that the customer only wants to buy one DVD, the client wants a small rate of $5 shipping for the single item. However, buying two of the same DVD or adding the DVD to an larger order of apparel will ideally spill over onto the next applicable carrier and the normal rates. This discount is just for orders of single DVDs (maybe some other small items too), but definitely not for customers who only want to buy one apparel item or whatever - normal rates will apply there. Any ideas or modules that might help?
  9. Hi there! I have a client on an older verion of Prestashop (I plan to upgrade them to v1.5 just as soon as I can get my head around it. ) Unfortunately she has come back to me and said that the Checkout process, specifically the method through which the Invoice/Delivery Address are created and set up, is a bit too difficult for her customers. The website is an flower/bouquet delivery that accepts international orders and delivers only locally. The order process is the 5-step, as we decided that breaking it up until 5 steps for the customer was more straightforward. Therefore, the Delivery address is, most of the time, going to be different to the Billing Address and it seems that her customers aren't taking to well to the Prestashop default. The Magento process seems to me a lot simpler and something that would fly a bit better here: http://demo.magentocommerce.com/checkout/onepage/ I'm not too keen on making a lot of changes to the PHP etc myself to try to simplify a bit, so I was wondering if there were any modules that do something like this, or if anyone has any advice? The website is here: http://www.accent4flowers.co.nz If anyone can help, that would be great!
  10. Hi there, sorry - I fixed this one myself, it was just some weirdy in the code.
  11. Hi there, I really hope someone can help me with this issue. The website is http://www.accent4flowers.co.nz/ and it is version . There are a few template edits in the order process, but the theme originally was the new default theme for 1.4. After creating a cart and proceeding through the checkout process, the process gets stuck on step "3: Address" when only one address is entered. Once I enter a second address, it is fine. I don't even have to use the second address as either invoice or delivery address - as long as the second address is on the account, I can set invoice and delivery addresses as the same. So why will it not take me to step 4 in the order process if I only have one address entered? -- I don't know if it matters, but in Shipping I have all countries selected (so that people can put in invoice and billing addresses that are in other countries), but in carriers I'm only allowing actual delivery to New Zealand addresses. It's a florists website that takes orders from all over the place and delivers only locally. They therefore usually have a lot of cases where the invoice and delivery addresses are different, but they do also get orders where the two addresses are the same. This is why this is pretty urgent - I don't want to have to expect people to create two identical Addresses.
  12. Cool thanks for that really fast response. Are multiple image uploads supported? From the looks of what I've read, they are. Also wondering about size and file type restrictions for images. Can you set these per file?
  13. Hi there, this module looks like exactly what my client is after and I am really impressed by the good reviews. I wanted to try out the demo for myself, but it doesn't seem to be working as expected so I just wonder if I can clarify a few things. My client is a printer (clothing, office stationery) and needs a solution for product customisation - most importantly they want the buyer to be able to upload hi-res images that come through with the order and can be easily downloaded by the shop owner, as well as custom text etc. Is this possible? In Prestashop there's a panel for Product Customization natively, but it never seems to work properly - Any images that get uploaded to it are impossible to download properly from the backend - appearing thumbnail-sized and impossible to do anything with. Is this module a good substitute for that? If this project goes ahead, will be using the most recent version of 1.5 for it.
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