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Use global translations in modul


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Hello fellow PrestaShoppers!


I have one particularly usefull question:


When one writes a module, can he use global translations? For example, there already exists translation like "(tax incl.)" in global PrestaShop translations, right? So why define new one in my module? It'll be waste of resources. But use (in smarty)

{l s='(tax incl.)'}

without defining mod='...' does not work.


If there exists any way, how to use global translations in modules, it will be great!

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Hello vekia,


you are right, that at many circumstances, concatenate translations together could result in confusing meaning, that's for sure. But there are moments, where it could save some time and storage space.

After some research, i do not think, that using other translations from templates will ever be possible. On the other hand, in module class, one could call static methods of class Translate, to get AdminTranslation or PdfTranslation, but it is not very comfortable (i.e. one need to know admin controller, where this translation is used), but it could be somehow utilized. The problem is, I did not found method for front office translations, do you know, where it is?
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