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Customizing Revolution Slider


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I have installed prestashop with a theme that includes Revolution Slider. The slider is in the CENTER of the page, what I need is to move it to the left in order to leave a white space at the slider's right. Afterwards, waht is needed is to place in that white space two small pictures one above the other tha links to two spcecific categories.


I have attached an image that shows what I want.


Thanks in advanced for any help




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I dont know what you are talking about. Im new in customizing prestahop. If you would explain a litle more I would be very grateful. By the way, Im using prestashop with a Millenium theme which includes RevolutionSlider.


Thanks anyway.



associate it with the same position as default homeslider is

have you tried that?

if you use ps 1.6 and default theme, it should work

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