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How to Add a Custom URL GET Variable to All Links


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Site wide URL Variables



I need a way for users to be able to bookmark a Prestashop page with the Affiliate code included as a ULR GET variable, as Prestashop can not now work with dynamic subdomains.


So what is required is a way to add "?r=$afffiliateId" to the end of all links site wide. My site uses friendly URLs so I'm hoping that it is ok to just add the '?......".


In this way, once the $affiliateId is set, when ever any link on the site is clicked, the URL of the following page will include "?r=$afffiliateId", and when the user gets to a point where they want to bookmark the site, the bookmark will include the Affiliate Id URL variable for next time so that the Affiliate keeps their customer, even when cookies are deleted. It would have been much preferable to use subdomains for the Affiliate code but this apparently can not be done now due to the Multistore functionality. 




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