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  1. V Hi, I have a guest user blasting me with emails in Chinese from my contact form. They have been using the following email domain with random generated addresses: @qq.com and @icloud.com with one IP being For the moment I have had to put the store in Maintenance Mode as I can't work out how to block them. 1. To begin with how do I temporarily deactivate the Contact Us form? (can not find it under "Preferences→Maintenance") 2. How do I block their IP addresses from using the site? 3. What else should I do?
  2. I was asked the same question by another member trying to solve this same issue. While I have not got a complete solution, this is what I answered him with: I needed to use wildcard subdomains for my multi-store and I could not find any answers. After spending about US$1500 for programmers that could not quite get it right I came up with my own hack that does the job with one downside, and that is the site will still always revert back to www.domain.com. However, in the mean time I grabbed the subdomain value. Basically I inserted a script at the beginning of the index page that grabbed the value of the subdomain, stored it as a session or constant, and then reset the header as www.domain.com. I can then use that value in my scripts. What prestashop does is when it gets a non www subdomain is reset the header to www.domain.com and the site reloads. I am really looking forward to the day that Prestashop enables subdomains as there is a number of uses for them. Hope this helps you and anyone with the same very frustrating issue.
  3. Thanks cristic, It is basically to set some session vars with details generated from the login so that could in dead be viable.
  4. Thanks taydotech123, I was thinking that was the case.
  5. Hi, Just wounding if a code snippet can be added to a controller class function without overriding the whole function? Example: I need to add a line of code after a New Customer object has been created and authenticated in AuthControllerCore->processSubmittLogin() I'm assuming that I have to copy the entire function to a Class override to do this but am not 100% sure and am hoping that there is another way without adding it to the actual core file its self. Thanks
  6. Hi Vekia, Thanks for the great module. One issue and one request. My site uses SSL. Even though I have entered my Tumblr URL as a HTTP, on the front end it comes out as a HTTPS link and they do not work with Tumblr. Any ideas on how to make the link be created as a HTTP link? Request. Could you please add https://storify.com/ Thanks
  7. Installed a Point Of Sales (POS) module yesterday as we will need it. However, due to this issue with data not clearing the POS becomes unusable for a number of reasons including adding to stock from the previous order or thinking that the new order has already been processed. This is unbelievably frustrating.
  8. Hi bluekachina, I'm with a2hosting which has the nginx option, though, I have not asked for it to be installed at this point. While it isn't good to have others with this very problematic issue, I'm also glad that it isn't just me and that it may one day get some attention from someone who may have a solution. We may have to try our luck with a bug registration soon. Thanks for responding.
  9. Hi Vekia, From all the looking around the web and this thread, I'm thinking that this could be a good module idea for your team.
  10. Hi Vekia, Great module. This requirement is probably pushing it too far. Is there a way I can list CMS pages in a block instead of products? The reason why is one of my sites has product overviews on CSM pages to avoid all of the cart info etc on the product page as you can not buy the products direct. One has to apply via a form. I would love to show these on the home page. Thanks
  11. Hi, This is a great module and it has got me around some bugs with the standard top menu. Something I can't work out though is that no matter what I do the search box sits hard against the last tab. It would be preferable if the search box would align to the far right of the menu bar but "Search->Position->Align-right current menu" does not shift the search box. Alternatively, if it can not be moved to the far right I would like to have a margin between it and the tab next to it but I can not find any settings for that. Any suggestions, preferably to move the search to the far right? Thanks
  12. I have a multi-store setup with different CMS pages etc for each store, so the Horizontal Top Menu has to reflect this. However, I have some categories that no matter what I do, they are displayed in shops that they should not be displayed in. These displayed category menu items are turned off by selecting the shop in admin and going to Admin->Preferences->CMS and making sure that the displayed icon is RED. For a number of stores they are all turned off. Clear the cache and it all makes no difference, you still get some incorrect menu items. The main issue really is with the "Home" category. When you include the Home category in the Top Menu selector, in most cases it includes all of the sub categories for all sites not matter if they're turned on or not. I have also gone into the categories and made sure that nothing is active within the category for a given site. Some don't even have anything in them. Still the category is displayed. What does one do short of buying a replacement menu module? Thanks
  13. The theory is that you can order CMS pages in the menu and it sub menus via Admin->Preferences->CMS The top part of the page gives you the categories that you can open up OR drill down into and CMS pages can be placed within these categories. So make sure that you have not gone multiple levels down in some categories by clicking on each category and seeing what it contains. While this seems easy enough as you can turn pages and categories on and off for each shop, in reality I am finding what you select does not always work for all of the shops. I'm getting clos to buying a menu module to replace the Horizontal Top Menu as it is way too buggy.
  14. Hi, Whenever I do ANYTHING in the Prestashop Multistore Admin the page has to be refreshed at least once before I start otherwise I will save old data. For example if I want to change stores in admin I have to: Select the new store: page loads but showing old store Refresh the page: Page loads still showing old store Reselect the new store again: If lucky the new store will load, otherwise continue again from step 1 Another example: You go to edit a CMS page that has been modified some time before. If you do not remember to refresh the page after it loads BEFORE adding any new content, you will end up adding new content to the content before the last modification. So the current data does not load when you first go to the page. This also happens when modifying product details and for just about anything if not everything. As a result if you do not constantly refresh on every page nearly every step of the way, you end up with corrupted data without even knowing it. It is such a dangerous pain. In time I hope to afford to put on an admin person but there is no way in the world could you have someone else working in the backend as it is way to easy to screw it all up and very slow to do simple things like changing stores. It can take about 3minuts sometimes to manage a change in store. Cache is off. Any ideas?
  15. Does the current version allow you to set which products are posted? When I tried an earlier version it posted all of my stock including the Affiliate marketing tools and the parts that are used to make the up the products. These other items not for public viewing and are in their own categories and available to specific user groups. While I have to quickly remove that version, it would be great to have one that will only post selected products or from selected categories so one could make up a category to include the product you wish to post. Thanks
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