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How to edit authentication files


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Hi all,


I want to edit some of the create new account, and steps files. I normally do this on localhost but to get to the screen I want I have to create a fake account, then see if the edit I made worked, but once the account is made if I then want to get back to that screen I create another account. Which seems crazy. 


So how can I view screens related to creating a new account without creating a new account so I can edit them?

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you have to remove $customer->add() from authController.php (controllers/front/authController.php

as far as i remember it is in if condition, so - simply remove whole if condition (then prestashop will not create an account)

or add an error code to $this->errors, then you will see error code and account will not be created


for exmaple, before if condition: if (!count($this->errors)) add 

$this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('TEST MODE');

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So I changes the code in the AuthController.php to

    $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('TEST 
(!count($this->errors))    {          else      $this->errors[] 
= Tools::displayError('An error occurred while creating your 
account.');    }

but now I just get an error (unable to load form) and it doesn't move forward to the screens I want to edit.

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this is not what you wanted?

you wanted to avoid customer registration

so with this error customer account will not be created


What I wanted was to be able to edit the files authentication.tpl and shopping-cart.tpl and view the changes in the browser. But so far I have been using fake accounts to get to each screen. Isn;t there like a developer mode that I can turn on that allows me to view the files in my browser without needing to register any account?

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