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How to import products with features from csv

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How can I import features for products from CSV?

Each of my products have 3 features.

I have tried creating 3 new columns, named as Feature: Year, another column named Feature: Size, another named Feature: Medium

when i try to point them all to Feature (Name:Value:Position:Customized) it gives the following error:

Two columns cannot have the same type of values


So now I am thinking that they are not meant to have 1 column for each feature.


How is this done then?

each product will have the following?

Feature (Name:Value:Position:Customized)

(Year:Value:0:1986)(Size:Value:1:21" x 43")(Medium:Oil on Canvas:3:Customized)


NB: Year and Size have Customized values and Medium had Predefined Value

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