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  1. Hi, In admin products list thumbnails showing wrong product picture. I have tried to clean cache but does not help. I was overwriting one product and it's still showing old product in backoffice. Front end everything is fine!
  2. Hi, I'm currently working on the website: www.milman.co.il they are a manufacturer of custom made medals and sport trophies. I need to provide them an easy way to show their price list according to the quantity while every item have a different way for calculating it's cost. For example, medals are calculated by this method: price of medal, price of ribbon, custom made ribbon, extra text in the back etc. and group category also has different price according to the quantity. Currently we are using Viewing product combinations in a table module but it creates very long tables since we have many options and combinations for big groups of products on store .... What type module for this type of business? Thanks, Gilad
  3. Hello community i have an issue with my module blockwishlist the problem is that when i installed a module and it works but when i create a wishlist and i add a product on that wishlist it shows it twice in the wishlist i selected and i can't figure why do you have any tips to change this also it does this with only some product not all and when i delete one of the two, the two of them disappear...
  4. Hello everyone! I need help, I have an ecommerce Prestahop 1.7 with theme 'electrive' , I would like to remove from the product images the zoom functionality automatically implemented by the theme, replacing it with a click that shows only a modal with the enlarged image; Does anyone know and can help me understand from which file the zoom function comes? thanks in advance to anyone who wants to give me advice 🤗
  5. I exported products to .csv file, but, they haven't got description. How to export products with description?
  6. Hello community, Here is the issue - right now in Admin -> Product page -> Associations tab and in Accessories field I can add a product that is related to this one but it works in only one way. It is not creating relation between each other in both products at one time - I have to go to another product, edit it and create association again. Is there is any way to force Presta to do it in both ways?
  7. Hello, When i want to upload for example 10 pictures simultaneously in a product description, the result is very slow. It's seems to work 2 by 2 pictures (the progress bar is only on 2 pictures). The upload is fast but after that, somme work (i suppose generation of different size) take a long time... for 10 picture i wait 1 or 2 minutes. I use Prestashop 1.7.8, with php 7.3 and apache2 server. I have testing different values for php parameter (post_max_size, upload_max_filesize ...) without success. When i upload a picture on a server 1 process (php-fpm) take 100% of one cpu during, i suppose the resizing time. Different values for php-fpm parameters doesn't work better... It is possible to speed up the treatment or to multi-process the task ? Or another solution... Regards
  8. The PrestaShop Addons help to get statistics about different sales reports and data visualization like Sales By Currency, Sales By Category, Sales By Products, Monthly Sales Report, Yearly Sales Report, Sales By Country, Sales By Manufacturer, Sales By Suppliers, Sales Amount By Day, Sales Amount By Month A sales report, also known as a sales analysis report, is a document that summarizes a business's sales activities. This report typically includes information on sales volume, leads, new accounts, revenue, and costs for a given period The importance of sales reports cannot be overestimated. They help managers to monitor the performance of their sales team, plan effective sales strategies, decide on a sales forecasting process and most importantly, maintain or reduce the length of the sales cycle. Sales analysis allows you to understand your customers better, the products they like, and why, helping you identify your most profitable clients. Upon identifying these customers, you can find ways to keep them engaged with your business, increasing overall profitability Sales documents are information sources that guide your sales process. They aid your sales pipeline and help you engage with potential customers at different stages of the sales process in order to win more deals Sales data is any information that your sales team can utilize to improve their decision-making. Sales data can provide actionable insights into a sales team's performance, help them build better strategies, and improve organizational decision-making Reports will provide important detail that can be used to help develop future forecasts, and marketing plans, guide budget planning, and improve decision-making. Managers also use business reports to track progress and growth, identify trends or any irregularities that may need further investigation A sales strategy is an opportunity to work out who you are going to sell to and how you are going to do it and is crucial to revenue generation in any business. The major benefits of implementing a sales strategy are improved team performance, more effective targeting, and a higher ratio of closed-won deals A daily sales report tracks the sales activities of a business day. It gives businesses actionable insights on a team's daily activities- opportunities generated, deals closed, and other KPIs. With the help of this report, managers can track what their sales reps have done on a working day Charts, graphs, and visual representations can be processed faster, support visual learners, and show insights and actionable items that lead to increased sales productivity. Graphics in written and oral reports are invaluable aids to your audience because they condense text, clarify relationships, and highlight patterns. Good graphics display the significance of your data (which may be more exactly displayed in a table ) and allow the reader to follow your discussion Graphs help students organize and analyze information in well-structured formats, making it easier to interpret data. Visual learners respond especially well to graphs and often understand the information better without pages of text Summarize a large dataset in visual form; easily compare two or three data sets; better clarify trends than do tables; estimate key values at a glance. Disadvantages: require additional written or verbal explanation; can be easily manipulated to give false impressions Graphical charts help in Big Data Visualization. The first is that data visualization has become a faster, more effective communication and motivation tool. This has happened due to the second point of data visualization: people are, by and large, visual learners.; And third? Data visualization tools are, simply put, awesome sales tools.; Advances in technology have caused us to change our preconceived notions surrounding data presentation. What we once saw as dull and mundane, can now be seen as beautiful. Data visualization tools make it quick and easy to create charts and graphs which can be added to a customizable dashboard.; Besides looking beautiful, data visualization tools give us the ability to process information faster and to use that information to boost productivity and results. Because of the graphic representations, it’s easy to see where action can be taken to improve The top five advantages of data visualization Easy to understand Storytelling is more engaging Speed up the decision-making process List of reports statistics using column and pie charts Sales By Currency Sales By Category Sales By Products Monthly Sales Report Yearly Sales Report Sales By Country Sales By Manufacturer Sales By Suppliers Sales Amount By Day Sales Amount By Month Features - The entire module can be managed through the back -office. - SEO friendly. - Flexibility and ease of use. - Supports multiple browsers, operating systems, and platforms. - Support all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, etc. - Lightweight. (Smaller file size which loads faster.) - Increase sales, conversion rates, and product promotions. - Maintain existing customers & Attract new customers. - Lower marketing expenses, exposure to potential customers, and reach targeted audiences. – Support multiple browsers and operating systems. – Helps to find targeted audience visits and conversions in sales. – Help in analysis, statistics, SEO, and marketing campaigns. – Alternate option instead of using analytics script from Google Analytics and Statcounter. – SEO friendly. – Support all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, etc. – Lightweight. (Smaller file size which loads faster.) – Compatible with PrestaShop 1.5.x,1.6.x,1.7.x and 8.0. – Multiple browser compatibility(IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and Edge). – Mobile, Tablet, and all devices compatible. – Multi-language and Multi Store compatible. – 24*7 Support – Good Documentation Benefits to Customers - Customer trust online store and feel comfortable. - Helps in support and communication in the customer's native language. - Customer queries and clarifications get fast solutions. - Helps to increase customer understanding and knowledge about the store. Benefits to Merchants - Reduce expenses - Increase sales - Improve customer service and loyalty - Discover customer pain points - Faster problem resolution - Customer convenience - Competitive advantages - Expand market reach - Proactive outreach - Reports and analytics - Real-Time Convenience to Customers - Cost Efficient - Stand out Amongst Competitors - Develop Deeper Customer Relationships - Increase in Conversions and Average Order Values Installation : Step 1: Upload the module zip file from the back-office Module & Services menu tab. Module Manager area using the upload button. After the successful installation module menu, the link will appear in the left menu or top menu in the back-office more area. Step 2: Install the module using the install button. Step 3: Visit the module management page from the back-office “More” area (section) in the left menu in the back office. Step 4: The module installation process is very easy, how module configuration works can be seen in the demo instance. Step 5: Please visit our demo instance for module configuration and usage demo. Step 6: Please watch our YouTube channel for demo videos on the module, and how to use and configure it on the website. – Module works without making any change in the existing PrestaShop file so that existing customization and theme change do not affect. – We provide free technical and feature support in installation, configuration, and access to updates available for this product. – Free support on installation, configuration, and customization as per store requirements, for example, new hook addition to your store. Other : Please leave your valuable feedback after using the module. This will help to increase self-confidence, improve service, and enhance the module as per requirements to make it better for different online stores. For a demo on version 1.7.x visit the below links Front-office Demo URL => https://www.hrms-systems.com/presta-addons/en/ Back-office Demo URL => https://www.hrms-systems.com/presta-addons/admin619j6kpbb/index.php For a demo on version 1.6.x visit the below links Front-office Demo URL => https://www.hrms-systems.com/presta-apps/en/ Back-office Demo URL => https://www.hrms-systems.com/presta-apps/admin539fyipwq/index.php OUR PRESTASHOP ADDONS MARKETPLACE URL PrestaShop Marketplace URL => https://addons.prestashop.com/en/2_community-developer?contributor=301729 Alternate module download URL => https://www.presta-addons-modules.com/en/seo/prestashop-sales-reports-statistics-charts-analysis.html
  9. Hello, I am trying to get blank schema for products resource and I get this error: [PHP Warning #2] Illegal string offset 'required' (.../classes/webservice/WebserviceOutputBuilder.php, line 711) Does anyone please know how to fix it? I am using prestashop Thanks in advance.
  10. I have installed PS, I've got everything setup and working however I am facing an odd problem. When an order is placed and payment is taken the order confirmation via email and back office shows no product information in the order. All pricing, shipping and taxes are shown but there are no product details. If i go in to the BO and view Customers > Shopping Carts, the product information is visible here. I am using Realex payment module and to make sure it's not the module that's causing the problem I switched the payment option to COD (cash on delivery) and I experienced the exact same problem. The customer order confirmation (HTML) DOES show the product information and seems to be working fine but the PDF generated invoice does not show any product information at all. After viewing the error logs in the BO I get the following error: Frontcontroller::init - Cart cannot be loaded or an order has already been placed using this cart Can anyone shed some light on this issue? UPDATE - I just installed the PayPal module and I am getting the same problem although payment is still going through.
  11. Hi! Does anyone know how to sort the order summary products by category on the admin notification e-mail? Is it somewhere an "order by" which can be modified, or is there a good module for? Thanks already! Kind regards, Cedric
  12. Hi guys this is my function code $category = new Category($random_category_id); $searchProvider = new CategoryProductSearchProvider( $this->context->getTranslator(), $category ); $context = new ProductSearchContext($this->context); $query = new ProductSearchQuery(); $nProducts = $my_nb_products; $query ->setResultsPerPage($nProducts) ->setPage(1); ->setSortOrder(new SortOrder('product', 'position', 'asc')); $result = $searchProvider->runQuery( $context, $query ); $assembler = new ProductAssembler($this->context); $presenterFactory = new ProductPresenterFactory($this->context); $presentationSettings = $presenterFactory->getPresentationSettings(); $presenter = new ProductListingPresenter( new ImageRetriever( $this->context->link ), $this->context->link, new PriceFormatter(), new ProductColorsRetriever(), $this->context->getTranslator() ); $product_list = array(); foreach ($result->getProducts() as $rawProduct) { $product_list[] = $presenter->present( $presentationSettings, $assembler->assembleProduct($rawProduct), $this->context->language ); } return $product_list; is there a way to prevent out of stock product from being in the product list for example adding something to the ProductSearchQuery using the $query->setSearchString("") // i don't know what to put here Or my be another solution ... Any help Please !!
  13. Hello, So In the backoffice catalog/products, i'll go into a product and edit the stock, and it says it's worked, and the database shows that it's worked. If I refresh that same page the stock goes back to what it was before, if I open in private browsing or another browser it still says the old number. If I disable CacheApc it shows the correct number. If I reload php-fpm in a terminal it shows the correct number, I believe it's some sort of opcache issue, but if I enable opcache in the php.ini file with CacheApc off it works fine. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  14. I'm starting to get a little concerned. I can name at least 4 products that I had in my store but now they're gone from the back and front office. I know for sure that I didn't deleted them myself, there's no reason why I would. In fact, I was just about to add them to a new category. It's just these 4 products as far as I know but I would need to check the entire inventory to be sure. How can this be happening? I have just changed my password in case someone hacked in and did it but it's a totally random thing to do!
  15. Hello Guys , I'm in process of creating a module , and I'm in position where i want to get list of products ,exactly The price-drop products but with a condition which is the Latest added products (New products) Combined together I'm using this functions to get price-drop and new products separately public static function getPricesDrop public static function getNewProducts From the Product Class any help please !
  16. Hi, I've installed the "Product access for groups" module in a clean installation to test it and everything goes well. But I really need to install in my current website but the activation fails. Can anyone helps me? Bellow is the log from dev.log. Thanks! [2020-12-07] request.INFO: Matched route "admin_module_manage_action". {"route_parameters":{"_controller":"PrestaShopBundle\\Controller\\Admin\\ModuleController::moduleAction","action":"enable","module_name":"psproductaccess","_route":"admin_module_manage_action"},"request_uri":"http://localhost/****/admin_*****/index.php/module/manage/action/enable/psproductaccess?_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"} [] [2020-12-07] security.DEBUG: Read existing security token from the session. {"key":"_security_main"} [] [2020-12-07] security.DEBUG: User was reloaded from a user provider. {"username":"l***@**.com","provider":"PrestaShopBundle\\Security\\Admin\\EmployeeProvider"} [] [2020-12-07] doctrine.DEBUG: SELECT p0_.id AS id_0, p0_.id_employee AS id_employee_1, p0_.id_module AS id_module_2, p0_.date_add AS date_add_3, p0_.date_upd AS date_upd_4 FROM ps_module_history p0_ WHERE p0_.id_employee = ? [7] [] [2020-12-07] php.DEBUG: mkdir(): File exists {"type":2,"file":"C:\\wamp64\\www\\******\\classes\\PrestaShopAutoload.php","line":216,"level":28928} [] [2020-12-07 ] php.DEBUG: mkdir(): File exists {"type":2,"file":"C:\\wamp64\\www\\******\\classes\\PrestaShopAutoload.php","line":216,"level":28928} [] [2020-12-071] doctrine.DEBUG: SELECT name FROM ps_module WHERE active = 1 [] [] [2020-12-07] security.DEBUG: Stored the security token in the session. {"key":"_security_main"} []
  17. Good morning. I am trying to update the stock of the product combinations using the Prestashop api. I've been seeing in forums that an addition is made in the "stock_available" section of the products xml. The problem I have is that the ID of the combination to modify the stock does not appear. I add the structure of an example product. Thank you. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <prestashop xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"> <product> <id><![CDATA[271]]></id> <id_manufacturer xlink:href="https://xxxxx.com/api/manufacturers/15"><![CDATA[15]]></id_manufacturer> <id_supplier><![CDATA[0]]></id_supplier> <id_category_default xlink:href="https://xxxxx.com/api/categories/2"><![CDATA[2]]></id_category_default> <new></new> <cache_default_attribute><![CDATA[510]]></cache_default_attribute> <id_default_image notFilterable="true"></id_default_image> <id_default_combination xlink:href="https://xxxxx.com/api/combinations/510" notFilterable="true"><![CDATA[510]]></id_default_combination> <id_tax_rules_group xlink:href="https://xxxxx.com/api/tax_rule_groups/1"><![CDATA[1]]></id_tax_rules_group> <position_in_category notFilterable="true"><![CDATA[143]]></position_in_category> <manufacturer_name notFilterable="true"><![CDATA[Spiuk]]></manufacturer_name> <quantity notFilterable="true"><![CDATA[0]]></quantity> <type notFilterable="true"><![CDATA[simple]]></type> <id_shop_default><![CDATA[1]]></id_shop_default> <reference><![CDATA[MCANA173]]></reference> <supplier_reference></supplier_reference> <location></location> <width><![CDATA[0.000000]]></width> <height><![CDATA[0.000000]]></height> <depth><![CDATA[0.000000]]></depth> <weight><![CDATA[0.000000]]></weight> <quantity_discount><![CDATA[0]]></quantity_discount> <ean13></ean13> <isbn></isbn> <upc></upc> <cache_is_pack><![CDATA[0]]></cache_is_pack> <cache_has_attachments><![CDATA[0]]></cache_has_attachments> <is_virtual><![CDATA[0]]></is_virtual> <state><![CDATA[1]]></state> <additional_delivery_times><![CDATA[1]]></additional_delivery_times> <delivery_in_stock><language id="1" xlink:href="https://xxxxx.com/api/languages/1"><![CDATA[]]></language><language id="2" xlink:href="https://xxxxx.com/api/languages/2"><![CDATA[]]></language><language id="3" xlink:href="https://xxxxx.com/api/languages/3"><![CDATA[]]></language><language id="4" xlink:href="https://xxxxx.com/api/languages/4"><![CDATA[]]></language></delivery_in_stock> <delivery_out_stock><language id="1" xlink:href="https://xxxxx.com/api/languages/1"><![CDATA[]]></language><language id="2" xlink:href="https://xxxxx.com/api/languages/2"><![CDATA[]]></language><language id="3" xlink:href="https://xxxxx.com/api/languages/3"><![CDATA[]]></language><language id="4" xlink:href="https://xxxxx.com/api/languages/4"><![CDATA[]]></language></delivery_out_stock> <on_sale><![CDATA[0]]></on_sale> <online_only><![CDATA[0]]></online_only> <ecotax><![CDATA[0.000000]]></ecotax> <minimal_quantity><![CDATA[1]]></minimal_quantity> <low_stock_threshold><![CDATA[0]]></low_stock_threshold> <low_stock_alert><![CDATA[0]]></low_stock_alert> <price><![CDATA[0.000000]]></price> <wholesale_price><![CDATA[0.000000]]></wholesale_price> <unity></unity> <unit_price_ratio><![CDATA[0.000000]]></unit_price_ratio> <additional_shipping_cost><![CDATA[0.00]]></additional_shipping_cost> <customizable><![CDATA[0]]></customizable> <text_fields><![CDATA[0]]></text_fields> <uploadable_files><![CDATA[0]]></uploadable_files> <active><![CDATA[1]]></active> <redirect_type><![CDATA[301-category]]></redirect_type> <id_type_redirected><![CDATA[0]]></id_type_redirected> <available_for_order><![CDATA[1]]></available_for_order> <available_date><![CDATA[0000-00-00]]></available_date> <show_condition><![CDATA[0]]></show_condition> <condition><![CDATA[new]]></condition> <show_price><![CDATA[1]]></show_price> <indexed><![CDATA[1]]></indexed> <visibility><![CDATA[both]]></visibility> <advanced_stock_management><![CDATA[0]]></advanced_stock_management> <date_add><![CDATA[2020-12-17 10:43:34]]></date_add> <date_upd><![CDATA[2020-12-29 13:43:22]]></date_upd> <pack_stock_type><![CDATA[3]]></pack_stock_type> <meta_description><language id="1" xlink:href="https://xxxxx.com/api/languages/1"><![CDATA[]]></language><language id="2" 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  18. Hi, I’m trying to get and display a product’s position within a category. The position that you can find in the backend on the right side by filtering products by category. I can’t find anything about this on the internet, can anyone help? I’m using Prestashop
  19. Hello, I have a problem importing my products. Every time I try to import a .CSV I get an "Error copying image" message, but the products are imported. If I activate the Debugg mode, I just don't care about the products and I get the error: Symfony Exception: file_get_contents_curl failed to download https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8b/Prestashop-logo-vector.png : (error code 28) Connection timed out after 5001 milliseconds. I use php 7.4, and I also just updated to the latest version in case it was an error from the previous one, but without success. Thank you very much for the help!
  20. Hello, I was coding my custom listing products in a front controller, i got stack in the sort function this code is from my controller : public function postProcess() { $this->setAuctionOrder(); $this->setAuctionsData(); if (Tools::isSubmit('from-xhr')) { $this->setOrdering(); } parent::postProcess(); } private function setAuctionOrder() { if ($order = Tools::getValue('order')) { $order = explode('.', $order); $this->orderBy = isset($order[1]) ? $order[1] : 'position'; $this->orderWay = isset($order[2]) ? $order[2] : 'asc'; } else { $this->orderBy = 'position'; $this->orderWay = 'asc'; } } private function setOrdering() { ob_end_clean(); header('Content-Type: application/json'); die(json_encode($this->getAjaxProductSearchVariables())); } private function getAjaxProductSearchVariables(){ $this->setAuctionOrder(); $sort_orders = $this->getAvailableSortOrders(); $this->setAuctionsData(); $page_link = $this->context->link->getModuleLink('auctionpremium', 'allauctions'); $order_by = Tools::strtolower($this->orderBy); $order_way = Tools::strtolower($this->orderWay); $url = Tools::url($page_link, 'order=product.'.$order_by.'.'.$order_way); if ($this->p > 1) { $url = Tools::url($url, 'page='.$this->p); } $searchVariables = [ 'label' => $this->l('Auctions'), 'sort_orders' => array('sort_orders' => $sort_orders), 'pagination' => $this->getPagination(), 'js_enabled' => true, 'current_url' => $url, 'rendered_products' => $this->context->smarty->fetch( $this->module->getLocalPath() . 'views/templates/front/AuctionsList.tpl' ) ]; return $searchVariables; } private function getAvailableSortOrders(){ $page_link = $this->context->link->getModuleLink('auctionpremium', 'runningauctions'); $order_by = Tools::strtolower($this->orderBy); $order_way = Tools::strtolower($this->orderWay); return [ [ 'url' => Tools::url($page_link, 'order=product.position.asc'), 'current' => $order_by == 'position' && $order_way == 'asc', 'label' => $this->l('Relevance') ], [ 'url' => Tools::url($page_link, 'order=product.name.asc'), 'current' => $order_by == 'name' && $order_way == 'asc', 'label' => $this->l('Name, A to Z') ], [ 'url' => Tools::url($page_link, 'order=product.name.desc'), 'current' => $order_by == 'name' && $order_way == 'desc', 'label' => $this->l('Name, Z to A') ], [ 'url' => Tools::url($page_link, 'order=auction.end_time.asc'), 'current' => $order_by == 'end_time' && $order_way == 'asc', 'label' => $this->l('End time, near to far') ], [ 'url' => Tools::url($page_link, 'order=auction.end_time.desc'), 'current' => $order_by == 'end_time' && $order_way == 'desc', 'label' => $this->l('End time, far to near') ] ]; } private function setAuctionsData() { $auctions_data = $this->getAuctionsData(); $sort_orders = $this->getAvailableSortOrders(); $this->context->smarty->assign(array("auctions" => $auctions_data, "sort_orders"=>array('sort_orders' => $sort_orders),"pagination" => $this->getPagination())); } And this is a part of the Template <div class="products-select"> <div class="col-md-6 hidden-sm-down total-products"> {if $auctions|count > 1} <p>{l s='There are %s products.' mod='auctionpremium' sprintf=[$auctions|count]}</p> {else} <p>{l s='There is %s products.' mod='auctionpremium' sprintf=[$auctions|count]}</p> {/if} </div> <div class="col-md-6"> {block name='sort_by'} {include file='catalog/_partials/sort-orders.tpl' listing=$sort_orders} {/block} </div> </div> The problem is i got an error with this message ContextErrorException Notice: Undefined index: sort_selected. Any Help , And Thanks.
  21. Hello Guys , I want to build a module that add a new custom Bulk action to the products grid im using this hook $this->registerHook('actionProductGridDefinitionModifier') and in the function public function hookActionProductGridDefinitionModifier(array $params): void { $params['definition']->getBulkActions()->add( (new SubmitBulkAction('my_custom_bulk_name')) ->setName($this->l('My Button Name')) ->setOptions([ 'submit_route' => 'my_symfony_route_submition' ]) ); } But the problem is that nothing happen when i visit the products list page in the back-office. It look like im using a wrong hook name or something else. Any Help ?
  22. Hi , I'm using the Hook displayOrderConfirmation and it's giving me the Order Object using this public function hookDisplayOrderConfirmation($params){ $order = $params['order']; and i want to get the weight of this Order , Any Help Please !
  23. Hello ! Could you please me regarding the following topic please ? I am trying to import a csv file with products on my website's backoffice. I have 300 products to import. Prestashop signakls errors on the file i cannot find. When i tried to load a small portion of the file (5 products), it worked but the products created where empty with. you may find bellow the csv file. could you please look it up and tell me where i made a mistake ? META PRODUIT - Feuille 7.csv
  24. 1. Go to https://mcgroup.store/it/2-home 2.The loading of the page is slow 3. Change paginator to 2, 3 or n number 4. the loading of the page is slow This is the problem: https://calipio.com/app/play/wYOxV7ej#cRfG3egu During the loading the cpu of the server goes to 100% How can I fix it? I have just activate the cache and delete it. The site requirements are all respected. I can't solve it in any way. Please, help!
  25. Hi, I have a really strange issue and i dont know where to start looking for a solution. So this behavior started yesterday. We did not change or update anything. But somehow prestashop started by creating orders with a strange (not the normal id which i configured in the beginning but one with letters instead of a number - see screenshot 1). This only happens, if the customer buys the last item(s) on stock of a specific product. In the order itself there are no items listed. (see screenshot 2) so i dont see which product the user ordered. (I have to go into the user and check his cart to see what his last cart was, which is not so conviencing.) I really don't know where to look for this issue. i dont know how i can find out which module causes this problem, maybe it's some kind of missconfiguration of products. I hope someone can give me a hint where to start looking deeper into the problem to find a solution for this. My Prestashop version is:
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