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Products attributes are wrong


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Good evening,

a client of mine asked me billions of modification on the template (and also on some controllers) and I believe that something has gone wrong now!


I have 3 product attributes, Type, Size, Sex, for my product (a t-shirt) but when I save one product into the cart I always get the custom combinations (Type1, Size1, Sex1).


I need to know what function and file are responsible of the cart updating operation.


I tryed to trace the POST data using Chrome Code Inspector, and the page /cart receive the correct combination of attributes. But somehow, when the product is saved, a default combination is picked up.

Really bad problem!!


Prestashop v1.4.8.2

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The function that adds/removes a product from a cart would be this one in classes/Cart.php


* Update product quantity
* @param integer $quantity Quantity to add (or substract)
* @param integer $id_product Product ID
* @param integer $id_product_attribute Attribute ID if needed
* @param string $operator Indicate if quantity must be increased or decreased
public function updateQty($quantity, $id_product, $id_product_attribute = NULL, $id_customization = false, $operator = 'up')
Maybe you forget to add the id_product_attribute here, so that maybe the default one is chosen?
My 2 cents,
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Thank you Pascal. I never made modification to that function, so I guess that I have to look for the code that call it and see if the correct parameter is sent.

I cannot understand what happened. I just modified a couple of controllers to include a Gift Message to ship with my object.

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I just discovered a strange behaviour!

When I click on "Add To Cart" button, Prestashop shows ad url like /order?ipa=<number>

As far as I know, ipa stands for Id Product Attribute and it should represent the attribute conbination I'm trying to by... for example Tshirt, sex Male, Size Large


In my case, IPA is equal to the Product ID!! That's the problem! I need to find out where the ipa parameter is wrongly generated before passing it to the update function of my cart.


Any hint?


Thank you

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