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RSS feeder modification


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Ok so this section? :

if (is_array($image) AND sizeof($image))
			$imageObj = new Image($image[0]['id_image']);
			echo "<![CDATA[<img src='".$link->getImageLink($product['link_rewrite'], $image[0]['id_image'], 'atmn_normal')."' title='".str_replace('&', '', $product['name'])."' alt='thumb' />";
			$cdata = false;

I would echo $image[0] and iterate i.e. $image[1], $image[2] etc?

Also, how would i modify the same file to display sale items instead of new products.


$id_category = ((int)(Tools::getValue('id_category')) ? (int)(Tools::getValue('id_category')) : Configuration::get('PS_HOME_CATEGORY'));

I assume that PS_HOME_CATEGORY neets to change, would it be PS_SALE_CATEGORY ?

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instead of using $image[0] [1] [2] etc. use foreach loop on $image variable

it will be much easier and the only one proper way to dump array as correct code



regarding to your section question,

no, you trying to do it wrong


you have to use totally different method.

you wan to dispaly best sellers or products that are currently in sale?

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