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Facebook comments under comments field

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Hi all!
How you doing?
I'm workin on PS but I still have the problem I got on the latest before.
I installed the free module Facebook Comments (By MyPresta.Eu), and It works perfectly, but even if some will post something, the default Review field (under the product image and infos) says that there's still no comment.
I post a screenshot below to explain better.
Is there any way to fix this? Or maybe.. to hide the default review header and show only facebook comments?

Thank you all.



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you're using the default-theme, right? Could you give us the URL of your site?

I don't know Vekia's module, but imho you will need to edit the product.tpl file - move the hook where this module is hooked to a different part of that file.

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rearrange position of the module under modules > Positions tab

search for productTab and productTab content and manage positions there (move it below the review block)


in addition,

i don't remember at the moment, this module hasn't got feature to enable / disable the way of how comments appears?

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