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Showing TPL file in admincontroller v1.6.x


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I have a question.  I am creating a new module. I understand the MVC and have no issues getting the admin controller and admin class files working. Overall, I like how Prestashop makes it very easy to display data via a custom tab and admin controller file. 


However, what I cannot seem to figure out is how do you display a custom TPL file connected to a tab link. Or lets say you have a controller file that lists a bunch of users using Prestashop's array controller - class format.. How do you display a custom TPL file when you click on a customer account? 


In other words, we all know that when you create a module you have a php file that handles the installation and directs to a setup page (if needed) that is linked to a TPL file which you can customize however you want. 


I would like to do the same thing with the admin pages. I would like to have a tab in the admin menu (already got it created) that instead of being forced to use the array commands to display table data I would like when a user clicks on it to load a tpl file instead. I have tried many variations... but cannot get the tab link to show a TPL file... any ideas? Something tells me this should be very easy and I am probably making it more complicated then it really is. 

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