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[HELP] How to Get order id and Customer mobile number in OrderConfirmationController.php


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Hi Team,


Is there any way to get order id and customer mobile number and assign it to different variables?.


Currently am trying to add an sms api which triggers whenever an order is placed.


I am able to assign the order total using below code:-


$amt = $params['total_to_pay'];


but am unable to assign order id and customer mobile number.


Please help in sorting this out

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Is there anyone who knows about this?



try to deal with:


$order = new Order ($params['id_order']);
$customer = new Customer ($order->id_customer);

the you will have $customer object to deal with :-) (address,phone, etc)

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Hi Vekia,


Thanks a lot for your help. But When ever i try adding $order = new Order ($params['id_order']); in order confirmation controller page, am getting a blank page when a user clicks on "I Confirm my Order" button

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where you use that code? can you show an example please?

i use always the same method for my solutions and it works well 

so i suppose that in your case something is wrong


don't worry

i will help :-)

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