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Moving 1.6 from localhost to live subdirectory with redirect loop erro


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Hello there,


I've followed some tutorials on moving Prestashop which I found here:



The information at the bottom of the document needs to be updated BTW.  


  • /tools/smarty/cache
  • /tools/smarty/compile
  • /tools/smarty_v2/cache
  • /tools/smarty_v2/compile


no longer seem to exist.  


That's not my point however.  I'm trying to move my site and I keep getting a "redirect loop" error.  I've updated the back office of Prestashop with the SEO & URLs (although I'm confused as to what the correct settings are in here for a live subdomain).  I've updated my settings file with the correct database settings.


So the back office works, which must mean the database is right and can be ruled out.  So I have something wrong in the other part.  


I currently have my site here:




I have my settings as:


shopdomain: /

ssl: /

baseurl: squareballoon.co.uk/portfolio/ticktockjewellery.com/


Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong?


I've tried putting the entry in baseurl in all three to no avail.  I've tried reversing baseurl to / and putting the url in the other two.  It gives me the same issue.  I've tried putting just the folder structure in, but that goes wrong too and adds the domain name prior to the folder for some reason.

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