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  1. Sur Prestashop c'est compliqué voire impossible de réduire le CSS ou le Javascript au strict minimum sachant qu'il y a des modules et des thèmes indépendants qui doivent fonctionner ensemble. Tu peux cependant corriger le problème de polica de caractère qui est important facilement: https://web.dev/font-display/ Réduit au mximum les widgets de réseaux sociaux. Si tu veux simplement afficher un lien vers ton facebook/insta/twitter/etc. alors ajoute juste un lien avec une icone, pas tout le javascript qui va avec. Bon courage.
  2. Contact me via the support and give me your order reference, I will check this out.
  3. Hi! Why don't you upgrade to latest version? Lots of improvements have been done.
  4. Make sure to set the module that display the customer name as dynamic or to add it in the dynamic widget list. Then clear the cache in Performances page.
  5. Hola, puedes usar una herramienta como wget (encontrarás un ejemplo del comando a ejecutar en el menú CRON, en la configuración del módulo). Esto generará la caché del contexto por defecto (idioma por defecto, moneda por defecto, reglas de impuestos por defecto, como anónimo, etc.). En la versión 7, podrá conectarse y suscribirse a un calentador de caché dedicado que generará la caché de todos los contextos principales. Este servicio se encuentra actualmente en fase beta; debería ser estable en un mes. English: You can use a tools like wget (you will find an exemple of the command to run in the CRON menu, in the configuration of the module). This will generate the cache of the default context (default language, default currency, default tax rules, as an anonymous, etc.). In version 7, you will be able to connect and subscribe to a dedicated cache-warmer that will generate the cache of all main contexts. This service is currently in beta; it should be stable in one month.
  6. I just released version 7 of Page Cache Ultimate and Speed Pack modules. The new great feature is the possibility to subscribe to a dedicated cache warmer that will generates the cache in all contexts: languages, currencies, countries, devices, user groups, tax rules, etc. Click to see the video of Cache Warmer. For your information the Speed Pack module (for PS >= contains Page Cache Ultimate + lazy loading of images + WEBP compression of images + database cleaning and optimization. You will get -20% until 04/10/2020.
  7. These fake customers are created to anonymize the cache since version 6. They are disabled so noone can connect with them. One fake customer is created for each combination of user groups, that means not a lot (only rare shop create a lot of user groups, in most cases there are less than 10). If you delete them they will be created again (when a user visit your shop and have a new combination of user group). So this is expected and necessary 🙂
  8. Hello, sorry you did not receive any notice about my vacation that are now finished. I should find your message in all the ones I have to read and treat now. Thank you for your patience.
  9. Hello, please contact me via the support so I can analyze this issue.
  10. You can use wget and specify a user-agent corresponding to a mobile phone.
  11. @traktap This happens when the request that refreshes dynamic modules returns error 500. Contact me via the support so I can analyze this issue. @lacestamagica (or @condorazul) Contact me via the support so I can analyze this issue.
  12. Do you reproduce when Page Cache is disabled? Do you use StoreCommander? What is the version of Page Cache? Can you show us the error message?
  13. Contact me via the support, it's just some configurations to setup.
  14. @traktap I never saw that in Prestashop before. Do you have a lot of this log? Do you know how to reproduce?
  15. Sorry you didn't see the email. Check your email SPAM folder I answered you on january 28th at 11:29am (you sent your question at 1:46am). > "Yes, Page Cache Ultimate and Speed Pack will work with the side cart of Warehouse theme."
  16. Yes this is filled by auto-configuration but can be modified manually if needed.
  17. Is it a conditional display? I mean, is it displayed for eveyone all times?
  18. What you can do is enable logs of Page Cache to see how often the cache is refreshed for some pagesand why. Go in configuration of the module, click on "advanced mode" and enable logs. Wait 3-4 hours and check Prestashop logs.
  19. ok, I will try to add something like "If a product has more stock than X, only regenerate cache after Y sales". A sale will be equivalent to 1 quantity (one order of 5 products will represent 5 sales). I keep you posted.
  20. As far as I remember this was the only reason to refresh the product page.
  21. Or simpler: don't regenerate cache if quantity is NOT displayed and product is still in stock
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