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Smarty variable to be accessed globally


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I am creating a module on PrestaShop 1.6.


I assigned the variable $my_variable to $smarty in my_module.php:

public function hookDisplayTopColumn($parms)

    global $smarty;
    $smarty->assign('my_variable', self::get_code());


get_code() is a function in my_module class that returns a string.


The value inside {$my_variable} is accessible inside my_module.tpl which is hooked to one of PrestaShop's pages. I can display {$my_variable} here without a problem.


The problem is {$my_variable} is not available in the template unless I call it inside my_module.tpl, and when I call $smarty->getTemplateVars('my_variable'); inside the controller, it returns 1.


I tried to override the FrontController class and called the function

class FrontController extends FrontControllerCore
    function init()
        $my_arr = self::$smarty->getTemplateVars(); 
        return parent::displayHeader();

The override is working because when I return parent::displayHeader(); the header is displayed twice with all the values assigned to $smarty. However, I was not able to find my assigned variable $my_variable.



How can I display/access this smarty variable {$my_variable} from a controller and inside the template page where my_module.tpl is hooked?

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As I mentioned, the value inside {$my_variable} can be accessed inside my_module.tpl which is hooked to one of PrestaShop's pages (Contact-us Page).


I am able to display {$my_variable} inside the hook without a problem by assigning the return of the static function to $smarty or calling the static function directly in my_module.tpl.


The problem is that I need to access $my_variable that is assigned to $smarty in my_module.php, or the static function created in my_module.php inside the ContactController.php which I am overriding.

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Create the hook header in your module and generate right there the smarty variable.


my_module is hooked into the top of the contact-us.php.

I am able to generate the smarty variable and display it into my_module.tpl where it is hooked.


I need to access this $smarty variable inside the ContactController.php in order to compare it with the user input.


I tried the following in the controller and none worked:

$my_variable = MyModule::myFunction();    // Coud not access my function here.
$this->context = Context::getContext();
$my_arr_var = $this->context->smarty->getTemplateVars();
print_r($my_arr_var);    // Printed out everything except what I have assigned to $smarty.
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