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Images not showing FO (Nginx Reverse Proxy)

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Hi guys,


Clean install of


Our environment uses Nginx as a reverse proxy to serve static content (images mainly) and it trunks all active requests through to Apache.


If we turn on 'Friendly URLs' I lose images on the front end. If 'Friendly URLs' is off they work fine.


The generated .htaccess appears to be configured correctly in terms of rewrite syntax but I can't for the life of me get images to display with friendly urls switched on.


Any thoughts?


I'm wondering if Nginx as a reverse proxy is complicating matters. Unfortunately we can't turn this off at an account level as we're on dedicated hosting and Nginx is actively used by another account on the same physical server.

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Have you cleared all of your caches in the Performance screen?  I think that has to be done in order to recreate them using the new "Friendly URLs"...


If that's not it then it could be another cache like opcode (APC, Memcache, Xcache, etc.) or the Nginx cache could be pointing to the old URLs which won't work anymore.  I've have this problem and clearing the cache(s) usually fixes things.


Try it and please let me know if that fixes it...




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