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  1. Are your GA stats wrong for every order or just some? If it's the latter, check for duplicated entries in your ps_ganalytics table. Good advice here: http://www.digitalys.com/articles/cms/prestashop/bug-prestashop-google-analytics-commandes-en-double
  2. Hi guys, We have a requirement to add some text to the cart page, based on the stock level of each item in the cart. If any items are out of stock at the point of checkout we want to display a warning to the customer that their order won't ship today. So far, in the template itself I've managed to code up a solution which powers that at page load, so it interrogates the products variable and if any of the stock levels are zero it displays the text. So far so good. Where I'm a little stumped is how to hide it, if the product that has no stock, is then deleted from the cart. Not sure if I should add code to hide the div in cart-summary.js or if there's a more elegant way to achieve the entire solution. Thanks in advance for any advice offered.
  3. Hi, Apologies for the delay in response. Yes, we're on the learning path with Symfony2 and I see that Akeneo have just released a more featured Magento connector. It would be nice to be able to develop something along the same lines eventually. Be interested to know how far anyone has got doing something similar.
  4. We are also experiencing this problem and can replicate the behaviour in disabling the Google Analytics module. Once that is done the value submitted to Paypal in the store default currency is correct. Please can someone from Prestashop look into this ASAP?
  5. Hi, Was wondering if there's any users of the Akeneo PIM System (www.akeneo.com) here? We're looking to develop a Prestashop connector and was wondering if anyone had gone down that road already so we're not reinventing the wheel.
  6. Profiling output attached as requested address.html
  7. Have implemented code in link ?profile shows me profile information correctly, ?error shows nothing - which is in line with previous no errors in dev mode.
  8. If I do that I get 'unexpcted T_STRING' in the php log as expected.
  9. Hi guys, Got a strange one, when you go to add an address on our site you just get a blank page. Similarly if you're not logged in you can't view the cart. I'm assuming both issues are related. Put it in dev mode, blank page. Nothing in apache error logs at all. No idea where to turn next to try to ascertain source of the problem. Any tips?
  10. Polite bump to this. Contacted support who say it's an issue with the theme. Contacted the theme author who say it's an issue with the core. Has anyone debugged anything similar previously? I don't even know where to start with it.
  11. Hi guys, Presta and Blocklayered 1.11 Noticing that the price sliders work fine in IE and Firefox but don't work at all in Chrome. Anyone come across this before and know what the fix is please? Thanks.
  12. Hi guys, Clean install of Our environment uses Nginx as a reverse proxy to serve static content (images mainly) and it trunks all active requests through to Apache. If we turn on 'Friendly URLs' I lose images on the front end. If 'Friendly URLs' is off they work fine. The generated .htaccess appears to be configured correctly in terms of rewrite syntax but I can't for the life of me get images to display with friendly urls switched on. Any thoughts? I'm wondering if Nginx as a reverse proxy is complicating matters. Unfortunately we can't turn this off at an account level as we're on dedicated hosting and Nginx is actively used by another account on the same physical server.
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