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PHP Development Environments - Class Hierarchy, Method Overrides


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Which tools do fellow Prestashop module creators use for rapidly understanding the Class Hierarchy and Method Inheritance/Override in the code base?


We are using Prestashop to replace an existing inhouse developed Java application - the tool of choice was Eclipse IDE.


PHPEd is our current preference, but we may move to JetBrains PHPStorm.




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I have used over the years many IDE's, also the ones you mentioned. 


In the end there is only one I can suggest today and that is PHPStorm as it is superior in many things and offers the greatest integration of everything than any other. You will do everything correct by switching to PHPStorm! 


Btw, you might want to use my autocompletion classes for Prestashop in combination with PHPStorm, if you switch to that IDE. 


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