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  1. You are on the right way with modules/bankwire/controllers/front/validation.php and $mailVars
  2. Are any API calls occuring during order confirmation, like from the shipping or most likely payment module? Check, if processing is shorter using the bankwire module and Free pickup carrier.
  3. Well yes, the $data which defines the variables is exactly the one you should extend to contain the additional variables for the email template. Have a look on the code that sends the order_conf.html and copy it from there. That is, the $data in the bankwire controller, where validateOrder is called afterwards with additional variables for the email, as the code you posted looks like the generic one.
  4. Most likely, in a module, save the custom value in the cookie, restore it from there on step 5.
  5. 1) eeeeeeeh... 2) You could, if you extended the bankwire module to create this list too, edit the email to contain the additional order_conf and submit these details through validateOrder() ... wait, that's too much work... If you have only bankwire, add the details in the order_conf literally, much simpler, but more limited. Btw, you are doing it on the wrong places. Don't edit the core files, you have to edit the payment controller of the bankwire module.
  6. Have you defined that it should overwrite images? As for the quotes... if it shows correct in the import preview without quotes, then it is correct.
  7. They relate to the image id. Btw, to import images, you don't have to create that structure... you have the photos available on a web location the store can grab them from.
  8. I can't say much about these statistics, as I rarely use them. Alternatively, Google Analytics does a pretty good job and with the latest versions of the analytics module it offers even more data than the stats.
  9. Pff, the forum eat the rest of my post... Ok, I wrote too, that the exact same data has been working fine in the 1.6 versions. As you can see, the image is stored somewhere, where Prestashop can download it from and process it from there. In the above example one of these URLs is: http://w3.fishbuy.net/pi/mo1018.jpg Nothing unusual here, as you can see. Oh yes, the column "Delete existing images" should be considered too... just saw that, I had forgotten about.
  10. So, I weren't sure if I had a previous import file, a quick check though revealed I have quite some of these where I have imported also images. I'm adding here for you a very short sample: ID,Active (0/1),Name *,"Categories (x,y,z...)",Price tax excluded or Price tax included,Tax rules ID,Wholesale price,On sale (0/1),Discount amount,Discount percent,Discount from (yyyy-mm-dd),Discount to (yyyy-mm-dd),Reference #,Supplier reference #,Supplier,Manufacturer,EAN13,UPC,Ecotax,Width,Height,Depth,Weight,Quantity,Minimal quantity,Visibility,Additional shipping cost,Unity,Unit price ratio,Short description,Description,"Tags (x,y,z...)",Meta title,Meta keywords,Meta description,URL rewritten,Text when in stock,Text when backorder allowed,"Available for order (0 = No, 1 = Yes)",Product available date,Product creation date,"Show price (0 = No, 1 = Yes)","Image URLs (x,y,z...)","Delete existing images (0 = No, 1 = Yes)",Feature(Name:Value:Position),"Available online only (0 = No, 1 = Yes)",Condition,"Customizable (0 = No, 1 = Yes)","Uploadable files (0 = No, 1 = Yes)","Text fields (0 = No, 1 = Yes)",Out of stock,ID / Name of shop,Advanced stock management,Depends On Stock,Warehouse ,0,Frischer Aal küchenfertig,12,,2,,0,,,,,SKU10500100,1004,Müritzfischer,,,,,,,,,,,both,,,,,"<p>Das Top-Produkt zum Räuchern! Einfach nach eigenem Wunsch salzen und im Räucherofen wird unser Aal zu einer einmaligen Delikatesse. Natürlich erhalten Sie nur die beste Qualität.</p><p>Der Aal lässt sich auf verschiedene Arten zubereiten, er ist ein Klassiker der norddeutschen Küche. Jedes Jahr besetzen die Müritzfischer bis zu 150.000 Aale in ihre Gewässer, was eine nachhaltige Bewirtschaftung garantiert.</p><p>Wichtig für ungetrübten Gemuss, den Aal vorher entschleimen. Dazu den Aal rundrum mit grobkörnigen Meersalz einreiben, 2-3 Minuten einwirken lassen und anschließend das Salz mit dem daranhaftenden Schleim gründlich abstreifen.</p>",,Anguilla anguilla,,,,,,0,,,1,,,,1,new,,,,,1,1,,1 ,1,Aal geräuchert,"7,13,9,12",,2,,0,,,,,SKU10500101,5068,Müritzfischer,,,,,,,,,,,both,,,,,"<p>Die Ergänzung zu unseren Wildfängen. Ein wesentlichr Vorteil ist die immer gleiche Größe und die ganzjährige Verfügbarkeit. Durch unsere Räuchermsieter wird auch dieser Aal zum perfekten Genusserlebnis.</p><p>Der Aal lässt sich auf verschiedene Arten zubereiten, er ist ein Klassiker der norddeutschen Küche. Jedes Jahr besetzen die Müritzfischer bis zu 150.000 Aale in ihre Gewässer, was eine nachhaltige Bewirtschaftung garantiert.</p><p>Mit einer frischen Scheibe Schwarzbrot eine Gaumenfreude die Sie sich nicht entgehen lassen sollten und die natürlich auf keiner Feier fehlen sollte.</p>",Süsswasser,Anguilla anguilla,,,,,,1,,,1,http://w3.fishbuy.net/pi/mo1018.jpg,,"pp-Herkunftsort:aus Niederlande:4:0,ppx-Herstellungsart:aus Aquakultur:15:0,pp-Produkt Tip 1:schmeckt perfekt zu Weisswein:8:0,pp-Produkt Tip 2:ohne zubereitung sofort genießen:9:0,Lieferzustand:Die Lieferung erfolgt gut gekühlt.:10:0,Verpackungsart:Artikel ist Vakuum verpackt.:11:0,pp-Gewässerart:Süsswasser Spezialität:6:0,pp-Produktzustand:geräuchert nach hause geliefert:7:0,Mindesthaltbarkeit:10 Tage,Temperatur:Bei 2 bis 7°C",1,new,,,,,1,1,,1 ,1,Aal in Aspik mit Haut,"5,13,10,12",,2,,0,,,,,SKU10500102,9003,Müritzfischer,,,,,,,,,,,both,,,,,"<p>Aal in Aspik wird immer wieder gern zu Bratkartoffeln oder einfach auf Brot genossen. Wichtig: unbedingt kühl servieren, dann lässt sich der Aal in Aspik besser stürzen.</p><p>Der Aal lässt sich auf verschiedene Arten zubereiten, er ist ein Klassiker der norddeutschen Küche. Jedes Jahr besetzen die Müritzfischer bis zu 150.000 Aale in ihre Gewässer, was eine nachhaltige Bewirtschaftung garantiert.</p><p>feinster Aal in pikantem Aspik mit Sauce tatare und jungen Kartoffeln - ein Vergnügen.</p>","Süsswasser,Regionale Produkte,Wild Fisch,Regionale Produkte,Wild Fisch",,,,,,,1,,,1,http://w3.fishbuy.net/pi/mo1002.jpg,,"pp-Herkunftsort:aus Deutschland:4:0,ppx-Herstellungsart:aus Müritzfischer Binnenfischerei:15:0,pp-Produkt Tip 1:schmeckt perfekt zu Weisswein:8:0,pp-Produkt Tip 2:ohne zubereitung sofort genießen:9:0,Lieferzustand:Die Lieferung erfolgt gut gekühlt.:10:0,Verpackungsart:Delikatesse im Glas.:11:0,pp-Gewässerart:Süsswasser Spezialität:6:0,pp-Produktzustand:als Marinade nach hause geliefert:7:0,Mindesthaltbarkeit:30 Tage,Temperatur:Bei 7 bis 15°C",1,new,,,,,1,1,,1
  11. You can deactivate smarty cache, however this would mean, your store would have to compile any and all templates (which can be quite many for a page) every time one of your visitors calls it. This will make your site slower and will have the server process a lot more! The better solution would be, to either move this cache to the database (I think this was a new option possible on the newer version, unless I'm currently mistaken) or simply get a larger hosting package.
  12. Follow first my suggestion above, before you try a new installation. Also make sure, your space is not full.
  13. Any such module causing this error should be considered of very low quality and made by someone not knowing prestashop at all. A proper module accessing prestashop's core functionality properly for what it want to do, as it should, should never ever see this error! My suggestion: Don't use that module!
  14. @El Patron: This would work if the module was installed and the override missing, I think angelica was referring here to an error after removing a module though.
  15. Sounds like one of the module's overrides wasn't removed alongside removing the module. Open the file override/classes/Cart.php and make sure, there's only overrides installed marked as belonging to the avalaratax module. If so, delete the file and either clear cache or delete the file cache/class_index.php too. Then it should all work.
  16. For what reasons? On what did he base it? I dare to say, he had absolutely no idea of the matter then!
  17. Haha so simple! I was about to answer "Prestashop doesn't support it by default" ... lol
  18. That error appears, when your store outputs directly html instead of the expected json data. The json data can't be parsed as valid JSON, which returns the parseerror. Reasons for that is usually: * Either there is some error in the function called and no json is returned * Or development mode (debug) is active and additional notices/warnings are returned too, before the json is returned - in this case everything works fine, just the frontend won't be able to process it. Deactivating debug will make the system work fine * The called controller can either not process ajax calls or the ajax parameter was missing and just HTML is returned Add this to your edited javascript too: console.log(XMLHttpRequest); to see in the browser's console if one of these applies and what the system has returned, then you should instantly know which of the above is the case.
  19. Wait, to see if I understood this... the color is not part of the combinations in your backend then? You probably won't like the answer, but you need to add it to the combinations.
  20. Is there a special reason you opted for Windows hosting? This alone can create issues that are more difficult to deal with or less people might be able to help on very windows-specific hosting issues. A lot pf PHP software is written first for linux-based systems and are either not or less tested on the windows platform. Related functions to the above line, that could throw an error are renaming and deleting of a file. If you have no other messages in logs, I would say, file permissions might be wrong. However windows deals sometimes with issues that a linux system isn't... Activate development mode in Prestashop to see errors thrown here, you might also need to remove the @-symbol from the lines 56-70 in the file you mentioned, as the errors are surpressed.
  21. It's unlikely there will exist any modules, as this is a custom API that you want to integrate the login with, is that correct? It sounds like you will need a custom solution. As for tutorials... well, you will need more than just one tutorial. You would need either to learn module development or hire someone to develop one. First one would be time intensive, second one will cost money. Here's a good book for module development: http://www.amazon.de/PrestaShop-Module-Development-Fabien-Serny-ebook/dp/B00QFBNXIO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1445463171&sr=8-1&keywords=prestashop+module You will need further knowledge though than just that. In case you aren't a developer, this isn't something you would be able to do on your own.
  22. You can't just simply configure to do that. There's no such thing. What you need is a developer, that will develop a custom module with the proper functionality interacting with your REST api, providing a different registration/login (or hooking in the current) and authenticating the customer against it, then creating an account for the customer in your store so it can work with all other functionality still properly. It needs to hook in or override everywhere where prestashop would do it with it's native login support, even in things like the emails for password reminders etc. if you want to fully replace that functionality and not just offer additional login functionality (kind of a social login like facebook).
  23. Ehm, then keep checking through the other tables... you will find it, sooner or later
  24. Save your hair, stop tearing it out and losing so much time by hiring a professional hehe The store will take images when adding them to the CSV with their URL. For products already existing, the ID should be matching. That is all. I have done it in the past and it works. Your error might be in the CSV you try to import, but without looking over what you are doing or using, it's difficult to diagnose in more detail. All other things you have mentioned are completely unrelated and you should really not use safemode with anything today. Unrelated, but important: You should upgrade from the very old, in the meanwhile unsupported PHP 5.3 to a newer version. 1&1 does support all newer versions!
  25. You should definetely consider more languages as an international shop... from markets that have lots customers ordering greek food. And of course, greek for greeks is a must on the site! My parents don't know english but are customers who live outside greece and would order on such a site, that is, if they could read it
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