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Shop Domain and SSL Domain

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My hosting provider provides me a secure url (https://bmindgamespt.securesitept.com) that points to my public www folder in apache (www.bmindgames.pt) where I have my PrestaShop installation.


I've configured my Shop Domain (under preferences->SEO & URLS) to be www.bmindgames.pt and my SSL Domain to be bmindgamespt.securesitept.com and have enabled SSL usage.


The site seems to work, but I've noticed some problems:

 - I can't logout. For what I have seen, the logout button points to a link under Shop Domain and it simply doesn't logout.


- After logging in and add some products to my Cart, when I navigate from My Cart to the Homepage (i.e., from https to http), I loose the login and the shopping cart info (User Name and number of items in the cart), but if I click any of those links (login or cart) and go back to My Cart or My Account page, I'm still logged in and my cart is ok.


My question is: Can I use this configuration in PrestaShop to enable SSL? Am I missing some configuration aspect? Or I simply can't use this Domain configuration at all?


Thank you in advance for your help.



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Similar problem here when settings is


       Domian:  www.example.com

Domain SSL: example.com   



Does Domain and Domain SSL should be same?


        Domian: www.example.com

Domain SSL: www.example.com      <- SSL Domain with www or not ???


yes, the same...if not the same you wlll lose cart...etc...(cookie)...when moving between domain and domain ssl...

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