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40p Extra being added to Total Tax Summary

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Hi All,

First Time post here as I am at a bit of a loss as to how to resolve this strange issue.


I have checked the Tax Rules setup on the Shop and they are the imported Tax Rules for VAT UK.


The Product is set to 20% Tax as expected.


I have checked the Tax rules setup for the carrier - this is also set to 20%


I have attached the invoice with the tax fields shown. and the incorrect values.


Sorry I cannot find the pound symbol on this keyboard!

The Product Total (excl) is £2.59

The Product Total Including 20% tax is £3.11

The shipping is £12 which includes £2 20% VAT tax,

Total Tax is not showing the £2 Tax included in the shipping.

Total is showing correct.


In the Tax Detail it shows the correct Tax rate %

But the Total Tax £2.92 is incorrect

It is Off but £0.40


Question is how can i resolve this issue?

Prestashop version is


I would prefer to be able to resolve this issue without installing the modules like M4 PDF Extensions etc as that is the expensive option.


Thank you for any assistance provided.



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