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fixed price product


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Hi Guys,


I'm new to the forum but I've found already a lot of solutions here which helped getting a customers shop online. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything about my current issue so I'm hoping you guys can give me a hint into the right direction.


In Germany and Austria there are some Products which needs to have a fixed price - no discount allowed per law. So I have two Cart Rules - if your order is over 300€ you get 5% off, over 1000€ 7% off.

Unfortunately this also applies to the fixed price products.

Has anyone ever had such an issue or can give me an idea how to get this solved?


Thanks in advance!



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Hi Guys,


i need to pump this because I really need a solution for this issue.

I hope my previous post was clear enough ... In the end I need some kind of checkbox on the Producs Prices Tab which says 'not discountable' - in case this box is enabled my cart rules (if your order is over 300€ you get 5% off, over 1000€ 7% off) should only affect products which doesn't have this checkbox enabled.


Thank you!!



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Hi tracert,

I'm not sure if you DON'T use either manufacturers or suppliers in your shop?


If there's one you DON'T use, maybe re-use it like this:

Example: you don't use suppliers:


For all products that can have a discount, make a 'supplier' named 'Discountable' (For all products that cannot have a discount, you could make a supplier 'Fixed', but not really necessary)


Then, add the Discountable supplier to all the products that can have a discount.


Then in your cart rules, add the "product" condition where the supplier is equal to'Discountable'


(If you do use suppliers, but no manufacturers, do similar, but then with manufacturer.)



Didn't try if it worked, but seems to do what you need.


Hope this may help.




(If you do use both manufacturer and supplier, a last idea that may work is to add the discountable products (also) to a new category 'Discountable products' and use that in the cart rule)

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Hi Pascal,


thanks for your answer!

In fact I do not use suppliers so I've just tried the following:

I created an supplier 'discountable'. In one of the products (for testing) I've selected the 'discountable' supplier in the 'Suppliers' tab.

Now I edited my '300€, 5% off' cart rule to the settings in the screenshot. I'm not sure if I understood your solution correctly because now when I add the product I've changed before to the customers cart and I get over 300€ there's still the discount calculated.


Thank you!


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Hmm, I was too quick with my answer. The rule seems to work when in the shopping cart at least one product has the discountable product. It then doesn't care if the non-discountable product is in there as well, it just gives the discount to the whole cart... :-(


Let me think if I can solve this another way...


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ok, i already thought I'm really missing something here :)

In the meantime I was trying to get it solved with a module or to use the override folder ... as my php skills are limited I've just managed to get a text field into the products information tab where you can put in an integer (0 - discountable, 1 - not discountable). For some reason I wasn't able to put a checkbox there. Anyhow, the value is saved in the products table in the column I added for it - but the carts price calculation seems a little to specific for me to understand it so I'm not able to change the calculation based on my database flag yet


I'd really appreciate if you find a solution for this!

Thank you :)

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Hi Mario,

Think I solved it. We were actually very close with the first try. We actually only had to change the selection on the third tab of the cart rule.... Let me show:

First we make a fake supplier 'discountable products' (address etc is not important, just need a new supplier we can use).

Then we add this supplier to the products that can be discounted  5% when the total order size is say 300$.



Do this for all products that can be discounted...


Then we make a new cart rule:



On tab 1, leave the code name empty, to automatically trigger the rule when it matches the criteria.



On tab 2, we select "products that have a supplier discountable products'



On tab 3, we DON'T select "order (without shipping)", but "Selected products". What does this do: It only gives the discount to the products that match the criteria (supplier = discountable products). Other products WON'T get discounted.



See result here:



I think this is what you wanted. Hope this helps,


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