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CSV import and file fields

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When I prepare CSV to import products I have there field


Uploadable files (0 = No, 1 = Yes)


I put 1 and receive upload field in front office (I tried to put value 2 in this field ( 2 files to upload) – and it works.)


But, after import I need to go to every imported item go to Customization tab click on Save&stay give a name to the fields and click save again


If I don't do this and only import CSV in front office there will be field to upload file, but it doesn't work until I do the steps above.


Is there any way to put some information to CSV and skip the steps at Back office

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Did you find  a solution for this problem? 

I am also trying to add text fields to all products and  It seems I have to open all the products and hit the save one time to take effect. This is certainly a bug if there is no solution for it. Please share your solution if you have found one. 


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Anyone? please. I just need to know how to configure the following field in CSV file I have to add a custom text field and a label for it (even without label is fine) . this is the field I ma talking about:

Text fields (0 = No, 1 = Yes)

In the cell for each product I Tried the following formation but it did not work:

1|Add personalized text here

Add personalized text here|1

Add personalized text here,1

I need to know what to put in that cell on the excel sheet. I really appreciate it. 

When I put only 1 in that cell it creates a text field which is fine but I have to go to each product and save it once to show.

my prestashop version is 1.6


Any one offering a solution put your email here (or PM)  and I send you $5 via paypal.

Thanks a bunch. 

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You probably figured it by now, but for the sake of answering: 

The Text fields (0 = No, 1 = Yes) col has the option to set it on or off. If you want it to be off, just leave a zero ( 0 ) there. Otherwise, the field format for this are:


"fieldname1"|1, "fieldname2"|1, "fieldname3"|0, "fieldname4"|0


The above text in the cell will create 4 text fields with "label of the text fields" as fieldname1, fieldname2, fieldname3, and fieldname4. The "|" is a seperator between the Label Name and the "checkbox" for the Required field. So 1 will set it to be required, and 0 will set it as not-required (optional, comments etc, whatever...)


Hope it helps. 

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