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How show CMS page content in FancyBox


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During checkout when the customer selects gift wrapping I have added a "Read more" link so the customer can learn more about the gift wrapping. I want this information to show in a FancyBox so the customer does not leave the checkout process.


I can use getCMSLink to get the CMS page I need and it shows in the FancyBox. The problem is that it show the whole page with the menu, shopping cart etc just like if I had opened it in a new full window.


This is what I have right now:


<a href="{$link->getCMSLink('8', '')}" class="iframe" style="float: right;">{l s='More info'</a>
<script type="text/javascript">$('a.iframe').fancybox();</script>

It correctly show the page but the full page and I just want to show the text from the CMS page in the FancyBox nothing else. 


Is this possible?

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