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Invalid new order state - how to fix?


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Hello Sirs,


I was about to launch my store and then this error occured suddenly when klicking the very last confirm button when already made the order. After klicking you should move to order confirmation page - your order is complete.....  BUT I get this blanco page, this statement in left upper corner.

First occured yesterday when instant payment , today with all cases. The funny thing is, that the order can bee seen in BO & FE/customer account and the emails works, but not the final page of the order.


Use only one payment method - bankwire



I have:

- resintalled bankwire modul

- tried with check- payment - same result

- reinstalled order confirmation. php

- reinstalled tools / swift


It worked for 1 or two times when reinstalle bw-module but helps no longer.


What could be wrong? Noticed that this has been a problem once a while, but not solved properly.


Begging for help..

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in my case I found a conflict in product availability settings and general settings - products in stock.

The other one was disenable and the general settings were enabled - use in all shops, it caused the problem.

Also check: allow selling when not in stock.

These must be the same in all shops individially. 

I also had product qty  0 (due to: sell customised products only on demand)


Hope you solve your problems :)

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