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How does width in homeslider work?

Y Talansky

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I looked all over but couldn't fin anyone who explains how the homeslider width works.

 I set the width in the module configure form, I checked the field HOMESLIDER_WIDTH was updated (to 980px) in the Configuration table.  But all this seems to do is make the img element have that width but the li and ul element stay 920px.  Can't figure why, and where is this width set? 


Thank You in advance

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I was trying customize the default theme to get the slider to fill the entire width.  I realized the way the slider works is that the jquery.bxSlider.min.js uses the jquery func .outerWidth() to check the available width of the parent container since I added a margin to the whole page I was trying to use relative positioning left -30 or margin -30 and width 110% to move the slider wrapper over and fill the width this was not helpping bec of the  .outerWidth() function.  I ended adding a container div in tpl file around the slider and set the width of that container to 980px and it worked.



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