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Minimum basket value -- can it be done?


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Hi Guys,


we sell assembly services through our custmised prestashop. We have a minimum order value of £35 and we then use shipping to add a callout charge £15. Essentially we cant send somebody out for less than £50.

What we want is the basket is processed at £35 even if the items allready added are less than £35. Obviously if it is more then we charge the higher amount.

Idealy there would be a dynamic item called 'minimum order surcharge' that subtracts the current total from the minimum and adds it in as a surcharge. So I guess the basket would look like:


item 1 £10.20
item 2 £5
min order surcharge £19.80


total £35
Callout £15


Total £50


Anyone done anything similar or have any good ideas.

As ever. thanks!!



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