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  1. Just had a Php bridge between Pshop and our custom CMS built by Altaf and Arnold at Cyber Infra Structure Ltd. It was a good experience generally. Really atentive customer service via skype and any issues resolved fast. This is more of a 'gun for hire' service than a consultancy, though that was exactly what I was looking for, so I dont know if they offer that as well. But if you know what you want, then the code produced is good. John
  2. Hi Guys, we sell assembly services through our custmised prestashop. We have a minimum order value of £35 and we then use shipping to add a callout charge £15. Essentially we cant send somebody out for less than £50. What we want is the basket is processed at £35 even if the items allready added are less than £35. Obviously if it is more then we charge the higher amount. Idealy there would be a dynamic item called 'minimum order surcharge' that subtracts the current total from the minimum and adds it in as a surcharge. So I guess the basket would look like: item 1 £10.20 item 2 £5 min order surcharge £19.80 total £35 Callout £15 Total £50 Anyone done anything similar or have any good ideas. As ever. thanks!!
  3. CLOSED --- Thanks to everyone that replied. I will be in contact in due course and am not requiring any more applications.
  4. Hi we need a an expert to call on to assist with the development of our store. we have a few hours of small bits to tidy up. I am an intermediate user and have done most modification myself, but there are a few things a little beyind my ability and I dont have time to post endlessly on the forum askign for the generous help of the community. If you have a few hours speare this week, let me know your rate and we can get started. Mail me at [email protected] thanks John
  5. Hi all, hope someone who knows the PS database structure can help me. We have a 'bridge' that copies order data from the PS database directly into our CMS. THis works great for most items. We have some items that have text fields from the Customisation feature. I cant find where this data is stored and how it is referenced to an order ID. If someone could explain the structure to me I would be very grateful. I am using 1.5.4. Thanks John
  6. Hi Guys and girls. Have been developing a number of shops and am ready to join them all together via the default shop. I have been using the Balim template and it looks great. All these shops are in the Default Public group. I have left the root shop till last, Now I dont seem to be able to change the theme. It is just showing a very cut-down version of the default template. http://unflatpack.com.gridhosted (please add .co.uk to the end if you want to look - dont want google indexing this url) now when I go in to preferences->themes it ahows a little image of the balim tempalte and shows it is selected. (strangley the default shows the same image of Balim, cant see the default tempalte at all) regardless of whcih one I click it still shows the shop in the link above. Is there an internal setting or something I can tweek. Need to finsh this so I can get all the other live. By the way, the balim theme works perfectly. thanks
  7. Required urgently a bridge to copy data from Prestahop orders to a simple MySQL order database. Can either be a script on our server on a cron job or as a plugin to Prestahop that does the copy when a new order is received. Whichever is cheaper/easier. Fixed price only. email to [email protected] bried spec attached Thanks John cms bridge spec.pdf
  8. We need an experienced developer to replace our old CMS and integrate it with Prestashop. Orders are received via prestashop bridge (which you will write) and via an enquiry form on our web site. We have a network of 80+ field workers that have a portal to the CMS through which they access their jobs, which provides a calendar function and reporting. They also interact with the CMS via SMS message, updating order dates, value etc. The CMS manages the entire order lifecycle and incorporates a message centre that handles 2-way email traffic and SMS communication with our customers. The message centre provides a number of templates that allow us to quickly communicate with customers. When viewing an order we are able to see the full email msg history in a threaded form. The CMS manages order payment via an interface to World Pay and provides full accounting reports for the business We need a few changes to Preatahop functionality which might be best rolled into a moduleand would like the CMS to use the prestahop customer database. So you will need a good level of knowledge. We have a detailed specification and would like to work to a fixed price. This is a complex project so you will need excellent English. Please PM me with an idea of your experience of similar projects (in size and complexity) and an idea of time it will take and rough idea of cost ( I appreciate the spec here is vague). Thanks John
  9. Hi Vekia, that page you grabbed is part of the product pages, that text is a category description, If you click on the DEMOPAGE link in the nav, this should be a page created through the CMS. Rgds, John
  10. I have been developing a store and the CMS has stopped working. Running using the Balim theme as a base Everything is working except I cant view any CMS generated pages. I can create categories and add pages and they report they are being added sucessfully. I can go back and view the contents and edit etc. When I go to save and preview I get a 500 error. I have turned on error reporting and am getting Fatal error: Class 'cmsController' not found in /var/sites/u/unflatpack.com/public_html/prestashop/classes/controller/Controller.php on line 128 this is the same if I try to link the page through footer or top nav. Demo here http://unflatpack.com.gridhosted.co.uk/prestashop/ikea_assembly/en/ click on the demo page link in top nav. I have tried. re-uploading. cms.tpl Controller.php CmsController enabing url re-wrting check case and pernissions of all relevant files moved to a new server (one above) and still the same error. Tried different verions of PHP 5.2 & 5.4 Been through and disabled all the modules I have added. Run out of ideas !!!! Need a fix for a fee. please email [email protected] Quickly
  11. Hi Vekia, thanks for replying. Yes CmsController.php does exist and is correctly cased it also has permissions 604. I have just uploaded a new version from a version of which I downloaded this morning. No effect. the class that the error reports missing has a lower case 'c' at the begining, though I presume this is just the name given when the class is instantiated. Any further thoughts? I know it has nothing to do with the environment as I have ported the site to a new server and the error still exists. It is now running on both. Thanks
  12. Help guys, I am pulling my hair out here (and there aint much left anyway!!) For the last couple of weeks all CMS has stopped working. this is default pages like delivery and anything I create. I can create categories and pages within, admin inteface returns green boxes saying everything ok. When I go to Save and Preview I get a 500 error. This is also true when I try to bind the CMS page in to the Top Horizontal Nav (again I can see the pages in the left hand panel and they move across to the right. Try and look a them and nothing works. CMS has worked originally I havnt modified any of the contents of related modules. I am not sure when it stopped. As it stands I have got this company to spend thousands of pounds on data entry costs to get the shop ready, but as it sells furniture assembly services (a bit wierd I know) It needs lots of content to help the customers make a purchase. No CMS - No Launch !! I have asked for help twicw in the forum and not had 1 response. I have re-uploaded all the modules, php files I can see that have CMS in them but to no avail. Here is the error in full Fatal error: Class 'cmsController' not found in /home/linweb02/u/unflatpack.com/user/htdocs/prestashop/classes/controller/Controller.php on line 128 I have tried googling this. Nothing!! Anyone got any ideas? Cheers
  13. Hi Guys, could really do with some help of this. About to go live, but cant with out content pages. to recap, everything was working. Now if I create a CMS category, it all seems ok. I can go and add a page to the category and PS returns that it has been added successfully. If I 'save and preview' I get a 500 error. this is the URL http://www.unflatpack.com/prestashop/ufp_admin/index.php?controller=AdminCmsContent&submitAddcms=1&token=a33c8807f7fbdbd2fb34e3dbe8e7117f I have tried adding the pages using top-horizontal menu and while I can see them to add in the left hand panel, I get the same error. Wondering, could this be caused by the environment. I am on limited hosting account? We have just started using storecomander (free edition), could this by the culprit. tried changing CMScontroller.php to the one Vekia supplied in another CMS post, this made no difference. Run our of ideas. Help!
  14. Hi, I am running 2 stores in multi-store CMS pages that were working have suddenly stopped and I get a 500 error. This is also true if I create new pages and go to Save and preview. Tried to enable logs, but nothing is displayed in the logs tab, tried to enable define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); in config/defines.inc.php but their is nothing there set to false. pasted the line in mbut nothing seems to show. Going into the server error log I have found [Tue Aug 27 12:26:35 2013] [warn] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Class 'cmsController' not found in /home/linweb02/u/unflatpack.com/user/htdocs/prestashop/classes/controller/Controller.php on line 128 concerned that google searches for problems with CMS doesn't throw up much. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks John
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