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How to set the back office in English only while enabling German at front office?


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Hi guys,


There is a problem that confuses me. - I need my front office in German, while back office in English only, (I know English only, but my customers are German).


If I disable English, then the back office will show up German automatically. This makes me have to enable English so I can operate the back office. 


Can anybody show me how to do it in details? 


Thank you so much.

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Hi, thank you for your reply. But it still does not work.


After I set the language as English on  My Preferences, I can disable English on the "languages" setting but cannot delete it as it shows up "You cannot delete the language currently in use. Please select a different language.". Also, I tested adding a product, it still requires me to fill with all the English version information , so does adding a CMS page. However, I don't need English at all when adding categories, products or other pages - I just need German when adding something, as I don't need English at front office.


Is it clear what I need?


Thanks again.

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