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[SOLVED] Changing font - with @font-face


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Good morning People,


I would like to use a custom font in my prestashop, and I have tried to use css font-face utility, but without any success.


What I have done:


1. copy newfont.ttf in the root of the server (I have copied it into the themes root as well - doens't work either)

2. in the global.css have put these code:

font-family: batman;
src: url('batmfa.ttf');
3. call the new font in the body tag:
font: batman, arial 12px/14px;


Can anyone please help me how to do it?

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You can take a look at the source for http://fontawesome.io/ to see a practical implementation (it's designed for the Bootstrap framework but is an excellent general example regardless).


There's also some good background reading here: http://www.webdirections.org/blog/the-return-of-font-embedding-to-the-web/ including information about compatibility and standards for font embedding.


Have fun!

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