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Adding a new page before checkout


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I know this may sound crazy but I want to add a page before the checkout page where users are asked to select the type of shipping they want. Actually, I'll ship my items internationally and based on my past experiences, the item that I'd shipped in the packaging bags that had my LOGO took more time to get delivered than the items that were shipped in a plain carrier poly bag. The genuine reason is, if customs notice by the LOGO on the bag that you're shopping internationally, then they may put your item on hold for a longer time for inspection purpose. If you ship an item in a bare poly carrier bag then it clears the customs more faster because they just check the articles and if you clear the item as gift, then they show no interest in your product and it clears the customs the very day. 


Now that being said, I'm going to start a fresh website that hosts herbal products. I want the buyers to choose the type of packaging they want. I know it may sound crazy but I can't risk the website's impression as some people really care about the service and packaging. I've both type of packaging bags. So I want my customers to choose what kind of packaging they want. I won't charge them extra but this additional page will show a warning that if they choose the printed LOGO bag then it may take longer for the item to clear the customs. This can be done by a pop-up also but I'm aware of the fact that many browsers are loaded with 'Pop-up blocker' extensions.


I don't want that the customer should bear a bad impression about the service of my site, on his mind. I can pack the item in any of the bags but it's all the delivery time. As stated above, just a printed bag can delay the customs clearance time. 


So the people who're more concerned about the packaging can ask for a printed bag and those who're restless, doesn't care about the layout and for whom time is money can ask for a plain packaging. 


The only thing I'm stuck with is, I don't know how to do this. I don't have any knowledge of PHP but I still want to provide this option to my buyers.


Hope for a help.


Thanks in advance!

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