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[New forum] Taxes & Laws - Call to community’s contribution


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I just created a new forum "Taxes & Laws - Call to community’s contribution".
The aim of this forum is to allow you to give us information about taxes and laws systems in your country.

By including these data into the solution we will be able to offer you a product that matches your needs.

These contributions must be written in the forum mentioned above and in English. Else, they'll be ignored.

If you can't post in English, you should create an equivalent topic in this community forum and ask for somebody to translate and post it in the English one.

It's up to you! ;-)

NOTE : If somebody from this community wants to translate this post, it would be very kind!

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Jag skapade precis forumet "Skatter & Lagar – Uppmaning till gemenskapens bidrag". Målet med forumet är att låta er ge oss information om skatter och lagar i ert land.

Genom att inkludera den informationen i lösningen kommer vi kunna erbjuda en produkt som bättre tillmötesgår era behov.

Dessa bidrag måste skrivas i det ovannämnda forumet och på Engelska. Annars kommer de att bli förbisedda.

Det är upp till er! ;)

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