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  1. Thanks for the reply. Should I install PS 1.2.5 and then import the backed up database ? Or better to use the .tar file ?
  2. Did you find a solution ? I want to do this also, my old site is PS 1.2.5
  3. I have backup files from an Prestashop 1.2.5 installation and want to put the shop online again. I am a little bit confused, what is the best way to go ? I have saved some files as .tar, .zip and .sql Can I just install PS 1.5 and then update the database ? I might have forgotten the password for the database.
  4. Hej jag vill att popup kommer upp automatiskt, på samtliga sidor. Tanken är att lägga in lite adsense kod där
  5. Wow this seems great, thanks a lot! Exactly what I am looking for. Any of you guys mind sending me PM on your sites to see how it looks live ? And can I run this on PS version 1.2.5 ?
  6. Toppen! Kan man göra annonsmodulen till en popup, typ som lightbox eller dylikt ?
  7. Bonjour ! Is it possible to configure this so it woll popup on all presa shop pages ? I am looking for a lightbox popup to show some adsense.
  8. Or is there a simple lightbox popup solution ? I just want a lightbox popup to show an all pages and show adsense there
  9. I am closing my shop, but I am getting a lot of visitors from Google. So I made a deal with another site, I will redirect all my users to the other site, but I want my site to stay intact and when someone visits from Google some popup windows will appear telling the visitor "We have closed but please visit site www.random.com" Any recommendations how to solve it smoothly?
  10. Ahh great then..so I should be able to find these email adresseses in the database, even if registration wasnt completed ?
  11. Hmm.. what a pity you can’t do it, I have like 91 % checkout without registration I guess many of them stopped halfthrough registering and found it too complicated. But once email is entered (create your account) and then password is sent, so somehow this info must be kept somewhere? Email program must keep track all sent addresses even if not Presta, wouldnt it be possible somewhere within cpanel ? But I still dont understand how come it is not stored in database, when customer logs in with his new email data is kept somewhere for authentification ?
  12. Thanks for the link. My newsletter block just stopped accepting new email sigunps, neither is it possible to unsubsribe via the form, seems like nothing happens when new email is entered. What can the problem be and how can I can I solve ?
  13. Really weird, someone must have experienced the same problem ?
  14. No good free alternative to one page checkout / simplified checkout ?
  15. Ridicilous similar function isn't included in official release.
  16. When customer enters email during registration, but doesn't complete registration, where can I see this email ? It is very important as for some reason 90 % of visitors who come to checkout doesn't complete registration. I need to find the emails they entered in the first step.
  17. Suddenly new signups via newsletter form are not saved. Let say I enter a new email, site will reload to first page and when I check newsletter CSV file it wasn't added. Also when I check the database table ps_newsletter no email was stored. It has reached 30 emails. Where can the problem be ? I have version 1.25 something
  18. Good module but cant you just upload it here ? First visit another forum then a lot of hassle to register there.....
  19. Hi, How can I view the password from table ps_customer ? I try with reverse MD5 lookup but it doesn't show, has it anything to do with secure key column for enhanced security ? I don't have live shop, only for testing purpose. I regisered new customer, with password and everything. When I look at ps_customer table in database password is stored in MD5 format, I cannot retrieve to string format from md5 reverse lookup services online.
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