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[SOLVED] Friendly URL issue


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Hello Developers !


I want to activate friendly URL on my shop , but i get this message :


Friendly URL enabled.gif Yes disabled.gif No URL rewriting (mod_rewrite) is not active on your server, or it is not possible to check your server configuration. If you want to use Friendly URLs, you must activate this mod.



after contacting my hosting about mode_rewrite , they said that this mod activated and they suggest me to check file htaccess to config something , so can you help me please which configuration i need ?


Im using PS



Regards !

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[sOLVED] Topic

If, after posting a topic, you find a solution to your problem, please indicate it in your post and describe the solution.

Furthermore if you are the author of the topic for which a solution has been found, please edit your topic title to mark it as [sOLVED].


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it's not necessary, but it's a good practice here.

thanks in advance

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