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[SOLVED] Custom field not reflecting in product.list and home featured. Need Help.


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I have searched around several places to get the new custom field on product list and home featured page, but in vain. I used this http://nemops.com/prestashop-products-new-tabs-fields/ tutorial to create this field in database and back office. Also, I did receive the expected value for the field in product detail page (Front end) using below code;


added below one liner under class ProductCore extends ObjectModel
public $custom_field;


<p class="custom_field">
<a href="{$product->custom_field|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}">My Field</a> </p>
In order to make use of this field in product listing, I tried the below code in product-list.tpl, but the custom field is blank, though it holds value in database and works very well in product detail page. This code did not work in homefeatured.tpl as well.
<p class="custom_field">
	 <a href="{$product.custom_field|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}">My Field</a>    </p>

I know I am missing something here. Can someone shed light on this please?



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you have to modify category class and include new field to SELECT clause in getProducts() function

$sql = 'SELECT p.*, product_shop.*, stock.out_of_stock, IFNULL(stock.quantity, 0) as quantity, MAX(product_attribute_shop.id_product_attribute) id_product_attribute, product_attribute_shop.minimal_quantity AS product_attribute_minimal_quantity, pl.`description`, pl.`description_short`, pl.`available_now`,
					pl.`available_later`, pl.`link_rewrite`, pl.`meta_description`, pl.`meta_keywords`, pl.`meta_title`, pl.`name`, MAX(image_shop.`id_image`) id_image,
					il.`legend`, m.`name` AS manufacturer_name, cl.`name` AS category_default,
					DATEDIFF(product_shop.`date_add`, DATE_SUB(NOW(),
					INTERVAL '.(Validate::isUnsignedInt(Configuration::get('PS_NB_DAYS_NEW_PRODUCT')) ? Configuration::get('PS_NB_DAYS_NEW_PRODUCT') : 20).'
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Hello Vekia, 


Thanks for your response. I figured it out days after I posted. I did the same as mentioned in your reply and it worked. Pls mark this resolved.


thank you for information 

thread marked as solved as you suggested

with regards,


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Can anyone expand on exactly how to modify category class? I've tried adding pl.`author` (author being my custom field) and this just results in no products being displayed at all on home page ("No featured products at this time."). As with OP, I have the custom field working fine in the actual product page. Am I missing something?



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