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[SOLVED] Linking in Subfolder Not working


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I have an issue with linking to a page in a subfolder.


I have a folder called 'affiliates' in my Preastashop that houses the JROX JAM Affiliate application.


The problem is that a function within the Prestashop PayPal module is called but for some reason, the site in this vertion is not rewriting URLs properly if it has multiple slashes. if you run the link, it gets the page not found, which is incorrect as it supposed to generate the page for the /affiliates folder.


The JROX support team said that is may be an issue with the .htaccess file not handelling the '/'s correctly and that this was a Prestashop support issue.


The link that is called goes along the lines of: www.SITE.COM/affiliates/sale/amount/33.35/trans_id/8/tracking_code/2-1-deptc2-MI6JECK5FWFNSXR/customer_name/Department_Centre_F/lf_data/5/invoice_id/8


As with Prestashop, the directories below the root (affiliates) are dynamic. This all worked before I upgraded from Prestashop 1.5.


Any ideas?







This issue it server dependent so many will never experience it.

If you have the problem tell your server support team and get them to change the settings on 'CageFS'. Apparently CageFS is used in shared hosting for containing the accounts.


Good luck.

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