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How can i maintain data consistency?


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Hello friends:


This is my problem.. i could to edit the code to add a textbox and edit the Total Value, but...

this value not have consistency...


look i have the following code in Cart.php


public function getOrderTotal($with_taxes = true, $type = Cart::BOTH, $products = null, $id_carrier = null, $use_cache = true)

$cantidad = 1;
            $cantidad = Tools::getValue('txtCajas');
$total_price = $price * (int)$product['cart_quantity']*$cantidad;

$total_price = Tools::ps_round($price * (int)$product['cart_quantity'], 2);
$total_price = $total_price*$cantidad;

$order_total += $total_price;

Then In the Controller (OrderController.php):

$cantidad = 1;
            $cantidad = Tools::getValue('txtCajas');
            echo 'Try cantidad'.$cantidad;     
$cantidad2 = 1;
   $this->context->smarty->assign('cantidad2', $cantidad);

Then in the TPL (shopping.tpl):


<form action="{if $opc}{$link->getPageLink('order-opc', true)}{else}{$link->getPageLink('order', true)}{/if}" method="post" id="voucher">

                            <h4><label for="lblCajas">{l s='Cajas'}</label></h4>
<input type="text" class="cajas" id="txtCajas" name="txtCajas" value="{$cantidad2}"/>
<p class="submit"><input type="hidden" name="ingresaCajas" /><input type="submit" name="ingresaCajas" value="{l s='OK'}" class="button" /></p>
{if $use_taxes}
<td colspan="2" class="price total_price_container" id="total_price_container">
<p>{l s='Total:'}</p>
<span id="total_price">{displayPrice price=$total_price}</span>
The Result is the Following:
Step 1:
Step: 5
How Can i Solve it?? Thanks youu Guys!
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