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Someone explains me the messy second part of the module creation tut?


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I've been following the tutorial on how to create a Prestashop module, described here:



The first part, the custom frontend module and its translation has been a breeze. The example couldn't be simpler though.


The problem has come in the second part: the creation of a module tab in the Admin. Prestashop people: isn't that a terrible tutorial? Nothing explained about the code in this part. You don't even clearly explain what to do and where. It doesn't seem to be related to the previous example module. An 'employee' tab, where? The one in Administration section? Nothing there after adding the new code. And the code.... worst coding practices at their best: echoing a lot of HTML inside PHP. That's awful! That's one of the things that gave PHP a bad reputation. Please, I'd recommend you to try to separate HTML from PHP in every part of the application, and not teach bad PHP practices to the developers.


Now, even though I've overtalked a little, will someone explain me or point me to a better explanation of this "module tab" creation part? I would really appreciated it.

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Thanks Vekia. I didn't notice that and apologize for my confusion. I've just found the tutorial page for version 1.5 and looks like it's more thoroughly explained than for v.1.4, but at first sight I've seen nothing about any module tab to be created in the backend.



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