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Add to Cart button randomly disappears


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Hi there, 


I'm currently having an issue that is related to my category pages and my product pages. 
The error seems confined to Chrome, as I cannot reproduce it in IE or Firefox. 
Basically what is happening is every few times I view my category pages or product pages, the "add to cart" option will be missing, as if it never existed. Once I clear my cache once or twice, the add to cart button reappears on both the categories page and the product pages. I will attach screenshots of what I'm talking about. 

I have also just noticed I'm receiving errors when I try to check out until I clear my cache. 


I'm worried that customers won't know to do this and we will lose sales as a result. 


I'm hoping somebody can has experienced the same issue and can help me as it is doing my head in. 

Thanks very much. 

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Hi there, 


Thanks for your response. I turned forced compilation on but it didn't change anything. Now I can't get the "add to carts" to display no matter how many times I clear my cache.

I'm hosting on Bluehost which doesn't come with a pre-installed caching feature.

I am completely stumped and don't know how to move forward from here - I appreciate any advice!

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I'm at my absolute wits end with this, and seriously considering moving off Prestashop if I can't find a resolution in the next 24 hours. My business cannot afford for my website to be down like this. 


I am willing to pay somebody to fix this issue as soon as possible. Please contact me by DM to make arrangements. 

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