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Admin Controller Ineheritence&Overriding problem

Mohammad Nazrul

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Hello Experts,

I am module developer. For one of module development I have to use/inheritance  ModuleAdminController.


The problem happen when I am going to use OOP's override technique for a method, it first execute parent method's statement then child statement! although I am not using parent::method() & I want no execution of parent's method that is completely override.


Example :

Class 1:  Controller


abstract public function setMedia();


Class 2: AdminController inherit Class 1.


public function setMedia()
        $this->addCSS(_PS_CSS_DIR_.'admin.css', 'all');
        $admin_webpath = str_ireplace(_PS_ROOT_DIR_, '', _PS_ADMIN_DIR_);
        $admin_webpath = preg_replace('/^'.preg_quote(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, '/').'/', '', $admin_webpath);
        $this->addCSS(__PS_BASE_URI__.$admin_webpath.'/themes/'.$this->bo_theme.'/css/admin.css', 'all');
        if ($this->context->language->is_rtl)

        $this->addjQueryPlugin(array('cluetip', 'hoverIntent', 'scrollTo', 'alerts', 'chosen'));


        if (!Tools::getValue('submitFormAjax'))
            if (Configuration::get('PS_HELPBOX'))
        // Execute Hook AdminController SetMedia
        Hook::exec('actionAdminControllerSetMedia', array());

Class 3: ModuleAdminControllerCore inherit Class2.



Class 4: MyBaseController inherit Class 3


public function setMedia() {
        //No parent::setMedia() has been used.
        My Coding.......................................
        Hook::exec('actionAdminControllerSetMedia', array());

Class 4 : MyModuleAdminController inherit from class 4 : This will be actually used as customized admin controller.


Now when run MyModuleAdminController Class 2 setMedia() first execute then class 4 execute runs, that means mess up with other media, which I don't want.


Please let me know if need more info

Thanks in advance

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