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Add to Cart Animation Not Working


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After updating to a new template on my testing store the animation when you press the "Add to Cart" button no longer works. Each button just links out to the cart.


I've researched as best I can and looked at the following things that might be an issue:

1) Ajax cart IS enabled in the modules

2) I can switch back to the default theme and the animation still doesn't work. On any theme I have installed the buttons just link to directly to the cart summary page.

3) The product image didn't lose its "bigpic" ID

4) There are no files in the Overrides folder (except index.php)


Are there any other situations that could cause the animation to stop working on all themes?


You can see a product page here: http://www.camelbackdisplays.com/store/product.php?id_product=21


Any help is greatly appreciated. Let me know any files you need to have a look at.


Thanks in advance!

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