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  1. Jamen det kan jeg da godt oplyse. Det er rigtigkaffe.dk. Denne filtrering: http://www.rigtigkaffe.dk/kaffepakker#/brand-lavazza bliver læst af google sådan: http://www.rigtigkaffe.dk/kaffepakker/brand-lavazza og dette giver 404 sider. Jeg har opbygget URL indeks.
  2. Hi! I have a problem with the Block Layered module. When filtering in a category (e.g. a brand name) my urls looks like this: mywebsite.dk/kaffekvaerne#/brand-baratza In my Google Webmaster Tools I have a lot of 404-pages because Google apparently removes the # from the url so it is indexed as mywebsite.dk/kaffekvaerne/brand-baratza. This means we have about 1400 404-pages caused by this module. I have searched for a solution but haven't found any - can any of you guys help me?
  3. Hej! Jeg har et problem med Block Layered modulet. Hvis man filterer efter fx et brand, genereres en url ala: www.minside.dk/kategorititel#/brand-xxx Af en eller anden årsag indekseres den som www.minside.dk/kategorititel/brand-xxx, hvilket giver 404-sider i Google Webmaster Tools - pt ca 1400 fejlsider af denne årsag, og jeg kan simpelthen ikke finde en løsning på trods af at have googlet en del Nogen der kan hjælpe? /Ditte
  4. I'm working on a multistore shop with two different domains. Shop 1 is in Danish and shop 2 is in Swedish. In shop 2 some products shows up twice in the same category. The products are identical, same ID, same images, prices etc. I can't really figure out what is wrong. One time i managed to "create" one of these dublicate products. I was changing the price in the product and after saving, the product showed up twice? This problem only appears in shop 2. I have taken a screenshot of a product that's showing twice:
  5. Did you find a solution? I have a shop with same error. I don't know what I did but suddenly the animation disappeared
  6. I am building my first site in prestashop and i need to change the look of the manufacturer-list.tpl. I want the pagination to be removed and instead i want all manufacturers shown in a grid on one single page. I have created the grid and removed this line: {include file="./nbr-product-page.tpl" paginationId='bottom'} but that is not enough. Now the pagination is gone but it only shows 10 manufacturers. My manufacturer page is here: http://nationgym.test.celto.dk/manufacturers
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